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RDA vs Conor




RDA vs Conor

MMA media has done it again counting out the highly decorated soft-spoken opponent of the loud and brash golden pony. It’s a hilarious cycle and the dedicated martial artist that follows the game or just trains or has fought knows exactly why this current Conor push by the media is just hilarious. As I must state before going any further is I’m not saying it’s a forgone conclusion that RDA wins nope not at all, I’m saying that this idea that Conor runs away with it like he did with Aldo is simply a unicorn idea. I have reasons why this is the case below.

1 RDA cuts down from 190 and is as big as GSP was when he was fighting at 170 early in his career. Now George is around 200 like most of the 170ers so size advantage is real in this one a trade Conor has to make coming up in weight versus cutting from 168 to 145 where he has a huge size advantage.

2 Conor is susceptible to the grappling game we saw it against Chad and Chad did it for 2 rounds and messed up going for that Guillotine, RDA ain’t Chad though RDA is a 3rd Degree Black Belt in BJJ he is by definition and ability better than anyone in Conors camp including Gunnar and his Head Coach. Plus RDA has stayed on the ground with Pettis a crafty guard player whose subbed the likes of Benson Henderson and Cesar Gracie Black Belt Gilbert Melendez. Then remember that RDA stayed on the ground with Nate Diaz, and almost subbed Pettis twice and had it not been for a fence grab he would have subbed him. RDA ain’t Chad and has forgotten more than Conor and company have learned in his time as BJJ competitor, plus hes a fighter training at Evolve MMA with Shinya Aoki the tight wearing crippler.

3 Speed isn’t an issue at all like at all, many of the novice fans think Conor is right because he’s the loudest when he starts his talk of speed and precision beating power and he’s right but you need to have the speed advantage for that to work. Much to the dismay of the pro-Conor crowd, he doesn’t have that advantage anymore either, let us do a little history lesson. BJ Penn was one of the greatest fighters ever, he did a cardio and strength and conditioning experiment when he trained for his Deigo Sanchez fight with Marv Marinovich the guy that constantly was revolutionizing sports performance science and turning athletes into world beaters. BJ Penn was ripped in that fight six packed up and first everywhere first to get off and land shots, first when grappling came to play, and had real cardio. Now Marvs student Nick Curson has done the same thing (go listen to his JRE podcast with Joe Rogan) Ruslan Provodnikov countless swimmers, fighters, track stars, wrestlers, etc. Nick took RDA from flat-footed to a consistent bounce on his toes but that’s not all he is explosive now with a 5 round gas tank with gas to spare. It’s just another realm of what Conor is always going on about with human movement well RDA comes from a coach that preaches power starts with the feet and speed is the name of the game. If you need more convincing look at his fight with Pettis the fastest 155 ever and RDA was landing first and faster in his closure of distance he did it also against the best boxer at 155 Nate Diaz.

4 Striking it’s funny how what Conor says becomes fact when he isn’t even talking about himself he said RDA was sloppy in his striking and I say hahahahaha…. your not serious are you? It’s funny because I see what’s going on because I know who he’s training with. Rafael Cordeiro the Godfather of that legendary Chute Boxe team is the head coach at Kings MMA I’m sorry, do or die Kings MMA because that’s how they train some things never change lol. Okay, so Rafie is RDA’s striking coach so his Dutch Muay Thai is always improving. Much like Anthony Rumble Johnson, everyone wants to say he has a sloppy technique to that I say you don’t have a clue of how technical their kickboxing is. Conor is saying these things so it get’s picked up by the media and RDA will then hear it so often that it will put doubt in his head about his ability. Good play Mr. McGregor with the mental warfare. However, it may backfire. Another history lesson you know that guy the GOAT fella who fought at 185 and beat the hell out of guys, inspired a generation including Jon Jones. What’s his name damn it he has the longest recorded title win streak in UFC history. former #1 P4P. Oh yeah, that’s right Anderson “The Spider” Silva yeah that guy, he was taught and refined by Rafie at Chute Boxe and when Rafie left Anderson left Chute Boxe. Conor is always saying he moves different, cool and he does well Rafie knows how to move different and can read you like a book because he taught the Greatest Ever how to move differently. When the likes of D Cruz, TJ Dillashaw, and Mighty Mouse speak highly about the fight IQ of one man you know it’s not bs and everyone should take heavy stalk of that fact. RDA will not be stuck in any mud I would not be surprised if he floats on Conor, why because he’s already mastered the Wlanderia style the Shogun style and GSP style of fighting. Next is the Anderson Silva style logically, where he sits back observes by playing this to quote Joe Rogan “weave the web before he sets you up for death”. By float I mean this, RDA has already done it in his fights a very kickboxing centric thing well striking-centric move that Rumble does very well. Throwing while your head is off center then slipping the return shot by stepping off to the opponent’s strong arm side and landing the kick to the body from that angle he did it to Pettis who as a brilliant striker saw it coming but still had no answer for it. If Conor relies on his length when he throws the straight left he may land or RDA will be offline and landing his own left hook down the pipe before shooting a takedown or kicking a leg out allah RDA vs Nate Diaz. In power, they equal its a matter of who gets there first and whose technical ability in defense is better and my money is on RDA in that category because Conor never moves his head in the pocket. Chad leaped and jumped with overhand rights and connected on Conors chin. Conor in the pocket does not have the best defense at all (which makes his fight against Frankie very interesting cough because Frankie lives in the pocket) Now Conor does have the fluidity with his kicks and punches which are proven while RDA is very old Dutch where he walks you down slips off line and lands hard with kicks and punches being careful not to lunge. Look at Nieky Holzken minus the snappy boxing for a visual aid on RDA. Striking wise it could look like Nieky Holzken vs Raymond Daniels or it could be another spectacular performance from Conor.

5 Historys a crazy thing to read into but I give it a little bit of respect when it comes to fights. History has shown that people in their prime that are very respectable and well the ideal martial artist types are the wrong ones to really try to rile up. Look at GSP vs BJ Penn 2, GSP vs Josh Koscheck, GSP vs Dan Hardy, GSP vs Nick Diaz, Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen 1* (Bruised rib still tapped him) and 2 decimated Chael, Hendo vs Bisping, Cain vs Lesnar, Werdum vs Cain, Ronda vs Holly, Dodson Johnson, RDA vs Cowboy etc. Those all turned out terrible for the ish talkers. Conor could be the Mayweather of this thing I mean he’s got a clean pull counter 2 that’s for sure. However this isn’t boxing theres countless ways to lose and this may be the one for Conor he’s talked about RDAs wife, called him a traitor to his country lol (while he lived in LA and Vegas for most of the last year lol), called him a watered down version of Jose Aldo. Very personal attacks, and the kind of personal attacks that in the fights above turned out in favor of the person who in reality was getting bullied in the build up to the fight. I’m sticking to my guns on this one RDA is the GSP at 155 quite literally since he cuts from 190 trains different and effectively for speed, agility (meaning landing first reaction time), and power; his technical grappling is superb and his striking is becoming phenomenal thanks to a top 3 coach of all time. Again I’m not putting a lot of stock in this category of history but it’s fun to think about and if somethings so often with similar variables well the experiment isn’t lying if the same result is reproduced when similar catalyst are introduced. Happy reading and I hope the facts reach those who think this fight will be a wash for the Irishmen.


-Have a good one Folks


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