Rumble vs Bader

Rumble vs Bader Title Shot Implications

This is going to be a crucial fight at 205, Baders safety first defense and grappling make them pay if they miss style versus the Mike Tyson speed and power mixed with refined Dutch Kickboxing and heavy sprawling style from Rumble Johnson. This fight has a lot of misconceptions coming from people that don’t understand fighting. Lets get to this breakdown thing shall we.


Okay so Rumble vs Bader I have to say is just filled with lies and weird ideas of what each guy is capable of which is laughable really. On one side you have people saying Rumbles got no grappling no cardio and is sloppy with his striking which I usually shake my head to or tell said person they might catch a shin on the jaw if they say something wild like that again. First of all my man is a former Junior College Wrestling National Champion allah that wonderful sprawl…… just like Jon Jones was, secondly Rumble went 3 rounds with a one of the best pure grapplers in Phil Davis and he was fine going into the 3rd and at the end of 3. DC beat him grappling by technique not from lack of cardio lol anyone that thinks otherwise has never had an olympian on there back or doesn’t understand what that kind of pressure really is. Finally this weird idea that Rumble is sloppy with his striking is basically saying that all those master Dutch kickboxers are sloppy, and that Henri Hooft the trainer of Tyrone Sponge and other former Mike’s Gym  Kickboxers is sloppy. Or your saying that Pedro Diaz the trainer of Guillermo Rigondeaux is training sloppy fighters…um no none of that is correct. Rumble plays the power striker so well it’s scary he has a beautiful slip of center side step to lead high or body kick, the switch knee and step knee is always there and his straight punches always stay crispy, not to mention his hooks and uppercut slickness. Finally he’s not staying stagnant in his training he’s addressing the issues and constantly pushing the cardio, he trains with Sponge and Rashad and has a brilliant wrestling and grappling coach pushing him technically. Now when it comes to Bader people think he’s just robotic in his striking and has nothing for Rumble in the striking department, but this is striking where you will get hit somewhere even if you’re Mayweather like. Bader has a nasty kick to the body he telegraphs a little bit too much but if it lands, just picture Silva vs Matt Brown when Silva landed that nasty kick to the liver allah Bas “El Guapo” Rutten. His hands defensively are good and he’s really developed his jab which he landed over and over on Rashad. Wrestling is  what Bader is really good at he comes from that Dominante ASU NCAA Champs squad and uses it well. These were the misconceptions that everyone was getting wrong about each guy and why this fight may be closer than you think depending on what things each guy does.

Now when you look at this fight one of two things can happen for either guy where they win. Either Bader plays the GSP game of Jab, Takedown, Jab, Takedown, Jab, Body Kick, game. Or if Rumble can slip off like he usually does on a single shot being Baders jab come over top with the right hook head kick, leg kick, or body kick off the back leg. If Bader stays safe he can win by just playing the game of jab and takedown shots until he gets Rumble down where he can submit him or grind him out. However if Rumble defends the shot well and cracks off like Fedor in the scramble then it will be a short night for Ryan for sure. Why because if you mess up with Rumble you get no second chance its a one shot and done unless your DC a former heavyweight that has tasted that power but DC still went flying across the cage. Rumble incredibly smooth walking forward and looks like GGG mixed with Tyrone Sponge his dutch kickboxing is better than 99% of the guys at 205. Bader is coming close though he has slick boxing now off the jab and can nail you in a coffin with the left kick to the body. The question in this fight is who can effectively deal with the grappling either offensively from Bader or defensively to offense for Rumble. Once that’s established it’s who can land striking the American Dutch Kickboxing student of Henri Hooft the legend in the Netherlands or Bader whose mixing that slick boxing with traditional Muay Thai. Personally I’m taking Rumble at any moment with shut Bader off or will win by TKO. By no means is this fight easy but I believe Rumble wins in this match up. Yeah I’m biased because I want to see what was promised to me Jon Jones vs Rumble, but whatever.


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