Are we really buying this

Okay just a heads up the blog will still be coming at you at least twice a week but I’m moving up to doing podcasts to get my points across by talking about the fights instead of writing about them all the timethis way I can really get detailed with it. I’ll be posting the link to the soundcloud and itunes stuff or account that will house all that fun stuff. Cool, cool?


So now Conor is calling out Robbie lol seriously this is getting to a weird comedic realm. What can’t be understated is Conor’s ability to really warp the media around with every word he says. Lines about eyeing up 3 belts calling RDA a gringo which I find highly disrespectful. The other crazy things he was saying about RDA being a lesser version of Aldo was comical, expounding on RDAs early career when he got KO’d, lol forgetting that he himself was tapped by a less able BJJ player lol. Whatever not about to start writing terrible things about a  guy promoting a fight that’s for damn sure. The presser was hilarious Conor dressed like El Chapo and a Irish mobster all in one, while everyone else are just quite sitting mainly Holly because all she wants to do is train and fight. Conors new promo push is Eerily similar to Princes before the Marco Antonio Barrera fight down to the leaping southpaw uppercut and fall from grace in certain peoples eyes. To put it simply like Big Brown Brendan Schuab put it on the Fighter and The Kid Podcast ( do you see that in piece credit I just served up…take notes K Flow) Conor just looked and sounded very cheese lol. Starting with the welterweight talk, if you think that Conor can do to Robbie what Rory, Hendricks, Condit, Melvin at 185, Diaz and etc. You are crazy and Robbie thankful isn’t giving it the time of day because hes a huge UFC draw and needs to be thinking of the welterweight death row hes looking at and a possible rematch with Carlos. What needs to be known is what he said about RDAs last fight with him coming off sloppy in his punches but that not Conor needs to be worried about because Cowboy talked a ton of shit but RDA didn’t rush in to a boxing match with him he kicked his liver and kneed his body …..just…….the….Pettis…. Fight. So yeah Conor is talking this big game again and you  need to take stalk of some of it but remember that RDA could give a damn and trains with the best conditioning movement specialist who learned from the gurus of conditioning who made the best BJ Penn…. shudders go down everyone’s back at 145 because BJs serious about this recent comeback thing, he’s at Jackson Camp with Jon Jones and the guy he murdered Diego Sanchez. Whatever those are my thoughts on this crazy week of MMA news.


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