Pressure Makes Dust and Diamonds

Showtime vs Eddie

Master_of_Kicks_Anthony_Showtime_Pettis_2015 FREE_Eddie_Alvarez_Highlight

Anthony Pettis vs. Eddie Alvarez is a very interesting fight it mirrors the main event by having to completely different styles of fighting versus two similar styles of fighting. One is Philly hard with the grit of the real Roco and the other has wild dexterity in his kicks and wild striking that can barely be matched.  The fighting is only part of the story the other part is how both guys show up mainly Pettis coming off his loss to RDA. PRessure has been Pettis’s heel in the cage when guys with high volume power and pressure have fought him he’s either finished it early or lost a grinding fight. The RDA fight was different because RDA was faster of the line and pressured him like a Chute Boxe fighter in Pride, and Pettis had no answer for it. Eddie has figured the UFC out he had an interesting debut against Donald and a coming out party against Melendez who popped positive after there fight which can’t be ignore, Eddie beat a enhanced already dangerous fighter. The pressure of what Pettis had to deal with in RDA will either be a blessing or Eddie will apply the same game plan and Pettis will turn to dust under the grinding.

The fight breaks down very interestingly in my head, because of the change in wrestling coaches that Pettis has made to Izzy Styles who trains basically all the killers at Jackson’s camp. The issue is Eddie has been doing this MMA wrestling thing from the jump he is the grinder personified. Alves doesn’t move back while Pettis is taking a big jump in dealing with that pressure he also has the ability to strike just a s effectively moving backwards as anyone ever in MMA. The other end of the story is if you let Pettis get loose it’s going to be a long or short night but it’s gonna be a bad night for you. How this plays out is one of two ways Pettis shows he’s learned from RDAs pressure. He will have a way of dealing with the forward pressure and getting back to the center of the cage where he is the best, and without a deadly liver kick that always lands to stop any success Pettis may have he can really get loose. Pettis ends it with his patented style of high flash combination or slick submission from the bottom, Now Eddie can for sure win this fight if Pettis can’t handle his pressure he will grind him out and the only threat he would need to worry about is the slick sub because Pettis is very good off his back. Eddies striking needs to be chest to chest and elbow range of striking. To close that distance his bread and butter with the dart and leg kick will close the distance fast and put the fight where he wants it. It will be interesting and provide a clear idea of where the 155 division will be headed after the 197 super fight and whether or not Khabib is healthy, then Pettis will be the next fight for Conor at 155. Provided he does well against RDA which I am super skeptical of because the Brazilian GSP has the better camp the better tools grappling and when it comes to size and and a merried of other things which I will breakdown at a later point in time. That’s that I see the fight playing out two ways and I really see Pettis coming out on top because every time homie falls he comes back like a demon in a division full of murderous russians bear killers and Neo Chute Boxe Champions. Pettis by either late stoppage or decision.                

-Later Folks and Family


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