Race in Combat Sports Reality Perspective

I ask everyone before reading to watch this video of Andre ward having a candid discussion. Please read to gain a level of content for the situation.


Conor before you throw shots at Mayweather for bringing reality into a picture because he just stopped caring about how John Doe A and B feel about him let’s unpack what is being said from both sides. You don’t have to like Floyd to listen to his words without having a already predetermined opinion on what he’s saying because of who he is. He choice to be the villain yes because he understood prize fighting for what it is a mad dash to grab as much as you can while maintaining all your facilities in the process, similar to what Conor is doing in the UFC. Now if you can’t separate the words from the man’s actions then fine listen to a far better communicator in Andre Ward son of a single parent WHITE father and Black mother.He breaks the question of race down very well. He was asked paraphrasing here, why is it that the black fighters that are cerebral, defensive, technical, and etc. seen as individuals that can’t but butts in seats or are hated by promoters and fans and seen as destroying the fight game.Second part why is it that the black fighters have to be the villain to get the recognition versus being the quiet soft spoken types of individuals they really are? Andre breaks it down very well, he says is everything race NO, does he see and read things at times that make him sit a raise questions hes but he doesn’t know anyones true intentions he isn’t a all seeing power. Nothing dealing with this topic is going to be a straight path one group isn’t completely one way or another nothing in this world is. What we can go off of is the overwhelming data about what the media members will promote or right about concerning a black fighter and what they want for example Ward has been considered a flop after moving to HBO and becoming a #1 P4P contender with his dispatching of the world’s top middleweights winning the super six tournament beating Chad Dawson and Edwin Rodriguez. He isn’t the only one guys like Guillermo Rigondeaux a soft spoken afro cuban man with technique rivaling and many people think far better than Mayweathers, he dismantles opponents like Nonito Donaire a # 3 P4P fighter at the time and gets called boring and gets no significant media coverage. Why is this, and where Mayweather talked solie about boxing I’m talking all mainstream combat sports MMA included. Demetrious Johnson soft spoken family man and P4P #1 only rivaled by the genetic freak Jon Jones is seen as boring, unwatchable, under whelming and so on and so on. When in all actuality DJ has a great finishing percentage and is the most technical fighter in all of MMA bar none like it isn’t even a foot race he’s so far ahead and has super human cardio to the point that guys test positive for EPO against him and he still outworks them. That’s just the reality on the situation.

Back to the larger issue what Conor responded to Mayweather with was taken devoured by the media as the one and only truth and fired right back at Mayweather. Well if we are comparing the Irish struggle vs the Black struggle the bullet point would be long and varied because discrimination versus discrimination helps nobody. Therefore coming out saying that having the name McGregor at one time would have gotten you killed is easily matched and overtaken by black people in the US, “oh really well if you’re black your ancestors were ripped from your homeland and enslaved, raped, killed”. Then in more modern times blacks are still discriminated against after getting your freedom and defending your country in war and killed with zero consequences for those in a point of power that are killing us, I’m sorry “them”. Granted that’s a lot of American history. One thing still remains true McGregor’s were killed for their nationality and name but a boy that looked like me was gunned down in Cleveland for having a toy gun an unarmed man in New York was choked to death in the street without resisting arrest a man who looks like my father a black man was shot in the back and a police officer conspired to place a taser next to the dead body to fabricate a story, finally a young man like myself black honors student not resisting arrest at the University of Virginia was severely beaten by campus police for what reason is still not clear to me. So before we start comparing injustices remember one is still going on the other stopped. That does not prohibit the existence of racism in a media system that vilifies a black technical fighter as brash, cocky, arrogant, and flamboyant. While in the same breath turning around and praising an individual who isn’t black who dies the same things as hardworking, brash, cerebral, cocky, determined, cocky, belief, etc. I’m not saying Conor hasn’t worked hard for everything he’s gotten because he has I know his story I watched him in Ring of Combat he almost gave up on MMA was homeless living in a car, he struggled and made it no question about it.

The statements need to be and are directed at the media members who like Andre Ward stated who write about the (mimicking Manny Pacquiao) soft spoken lovely man but won’t write or give any attention to the same black fighter who doesn’t embrace a villain role. I believe Conor took Mayweathers words on the subject as some type of challenge but Floyd was attacking the guy that put in the hard work he’s blaming the media for not giving the fighter with similar attributes the same far shake to be the good guy versus the only option as the bad guy. If you know the drama Floyd went through as the 3rd coming of Sugar Ray while fighting under Top Rank. Floyd knows this song and dance all to well, Olympic star called boring because of his style. He then breaks out of golden child role and embraces villain becomes hated by millions while his non black counterparts get to be them and continue to get the media push and fans from it as the good guys. Let’s not take shots at each other on this issue and look at the system at work because intentions are usually good but the system manipulates these action and makes them what the constantly repeating reality is.     

-Later Folks and Family     


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