Dos Anjos vs Cowboy

Sorry for the delay its been hectic this week.

Alright down to brass tacs both Cowboy and RDA make strong cases for a win tonight but there are some x factors like always and based off history and training we can pick a winner on paper. Alright starting with Cowboy we have a Thai boxer through and through very clever Muay Thai to make for the lack of boxing ability. Were Cowboy thrives is standing but moving forward, get Donald on the back foot with pressure or power and you get a Nate Diaz like performance. Getting Cowboy to back up is no easy task you have to do more in the areas of volume and power or both and RDA has shown the ability to do so woth his cardio and skill work hes been doing with Proffesor Rafeal. Now I am assing the mad scoentist and guru down in New Mexico at Jacksons realize this and will have Cowboy throwong more volume in the body kicks and leg kicks while keepimg length and distance with his check knee if RDA decides to storm in on Donald. Boxing wise he will use his hands like Pettis does to TKD style blinding and shading his kicks behind a short lead check hook or off a long 1, 2, 3 over the top lead round house. Donald off his back is slippery but so was Pettis and againsy I belive RDA is a 3rd degree BJJ player, I dont see Cowboy subbing RDA he will be able to survive but getting a sub is a stretch. So KO or TKO late is my prediction if the forward pressuring Cowboy shows up. Now the question is which Cowboy is going to be in the cage. Its common knowledge tgat Cowboy gets better as long is hes fighting on a regular schedule and I mean every couple months. Donald is coming off a long wait and has been playing alot of mental wars and looking at the history he did that same thing against Melvin and got almost put on ice before Melvin did a Melvin storming and wild and getting hit then subbed. Now if Cowboy does that against RDA he could end up like Benson swinging missing and getting put out. Thats Cowboys X factor which one shows up and if hes slow to start it could end right there.

Now for RDA, Rafeal is my favorite in this fight because hes the only guy moving the same way with technical Brazilian Muay Thai taught by the maker of Anderson Silva the joyful monster himself Master Rafael Corrdiero. Add on that shut down BJJ game and top notch wrestling you have a killer for 5 rounds in there with you. X Factor for RDA isnt really an x factor its just a factor lol. RDA trains his strength and conditioning with nick Curson Speed of Sport a disciple of Marv Marinovich, you know the guys that brought you the fastest and most inshape BJ Penn of all time. No BJ was not about that type of training because its hell and he was getting older while RDA is young in the game or relatively young in the UFC game and has a work ethic that’s matched only by GSP. Thats combination of all those thins is what makes him so dangerous hes still learning the ins and outs of muay thai since he comes from a pure grappling background and Pro. Rafael is making sure to tighten everything up on a level progression. We saw his hands come together against Benson and Nate we saw his body and leg kicks come together against Pettis and my next thought is his knee and elbow game. Why because its the same chute box progression because Master Rafael was the guy the originally taught striking for Chute Boxe. So look at Shogun, Ninja, or Anderson the same progression can be seen in those dark days of brazilian lower tier MMA promotions. I see the same thing for RDA and theres nobody better to learn the palm over palm collar tie or plum vartiations from than Rafael Corrdiero other then Matt Hume. His movement is the evolved chute style very tkd and explosive thanks to Nick Curson hes dangerous because he will land first often and with authority. The big issue is the height if Dinlad moves forward RDA is dealing with a Muay Thai fighter with a wealth of knowledge and experience. RDA off his back foot will be the issue or reason he loses. On the mats hes a beast and the second best pure grappler at 155 number one is that Russian bear wrestler Khabib over at AKA. What this fight will prove is how important conditioning is, in a weight class where everyone in the top 15 is good at everything condiotioning and strength training is what is going to seperate the chanpions. Another thing is it’s not PEDS it’s Nick Curson this method of training created the most dangerous BJ Penn ever who beat the fuck out of Deigo Sanchez with reckless abanded foaming at the mouth never taking a deep breath. This is whats coming next first the GSP style of training took over and now its this plyo and foot based training that even GSP is adopting. After tonight the next level at 155 will be set and for that mad irishman the move to 155 will be determined if Donald wins here we come if RDA wins we are staying put at 145 because the only guy beating RDA at 155 is Khabib on paper. Welp thats that Im taking RDA even though I love Cowboy because more foghters need to be like him and just relax and not take fighting so furious and life altering when death isnt even on the radar now a days, thats that.

-Have a good one Folks and Family


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