Coming Full Circle


Be it Ido Portal with Conor or Natmov with Carlos Condit all roads lead back to Rickson Gracie the man that Pride FC launched itself off of. Movement has now in the past 24 hours become the biggest movement and new trend in Martial Arts. Neo footwork is still in the lab of mad scientist all across the country being broken down a cellular level to force reactions, hard angles, preliminary speed based on the reaction to land the counter that nobody is prepared for. All of that neo stuff is in a different galaxy while this movement culture is human in our DNA it’s not based on a reaction or forcing anything it’s based in pure locomotion. So like yoga in BJJ, gymnastics in MMA, dance for Neo Footwork and Boxing, and movement based locomotion is for everything and life. Preliminary movement is what Conor now has trending in the martial arts movement. Conors most famous or easily understood preliminary movement is the front leg side kick that is the same motion as a lead leg feint, sidekick to the body, turning sidekick, leaping rear roundhouse, one two, etc. All of it is based in movement before the movement and harnessing that ability.  

-Later Folks and Family


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