UFC 194 Recap

What a beautiful morning, and congrats to all the winners last night Max Hollaway, Demian Maia, Yoel Romaro, Luke Rockhold, and Comor McGregor. I have been critical of Conor because of his journey to the title and his performance agaisnt Chad Mendes. Now there is no doubt that he is elite in the UFC. One pull counter 4 and lights out to the old king. Respect goes out to the courageous opponents Jeremy Stephens, Gunnar Nelson, Jacare Souza, Chris Weidman, and the Old King Jose Aldo. That co main event was scary Weidman through a shot he had no business throwing, and Mark Henry is somewhere scratching his head. Luke locked up the win in round 2 all the way to the finish. Luke showed that K1 skill I was talking about and his slept on sub grappling game. Luke while sick still but on a show.185 starting to look alot like Strikeforce, it was a great display from the co and main event. Conor what can I say he did a old skool boxing move and beat Jose to the punch while landing flush on the chin. That one shot has sent him to the moon. Combat sports are about to get interesting oh yeah Jon Jones is still the shadow hanging over the UFCs light heavy weight and heavy weight division.

-Good day to everyone and cheers to the competitors.


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