UFC 194 Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor

King vs Conquer



Okay let’s start with Pro Aldo anti Conor shall we so let’s be candid folks.  Aldo has shown he is top notch at everything but he is the top notch when it comes to clanging shins knuckles, elbows, and everything else against his opponent. What has he shown us, well he can defend takedowns better than anyone, he is championship level when it comes to BJJ he tapped Rubens Cobrinha at Black Belt. The striking is so high level it’s a problem lol, his dutchie is life altering with leg kicks that break dudes. Add in a new wrinkle of cuban based boxing that is so damn good he lit up a consensus top UFC boxer in Frankie Edgar as well as dropping the Mike Tyson of the division Chad Mendes multiply times and swarming him in the final seconds of there fights. Aldo knows how to break guys he knows how to light you on fire and needs little motivation to do so. The ability to really control distance  is real and he is so athletic while balanced with his elusive nature and exploding striking ability. Aldo’s dutchie is Ramon Dekker like and his knee game is or was slept until now. Conor knows what coming and with the use of distance and length is cool but four inches doesn’t change distance of your lead leg and he’s a southpaw his leg is right there for Aldo to kick less distance to cover against if Jose chops with his own lead to Conors lead which negates or has a better defensive flow versus his rear leg which leaves him open to the counter straight. Creativity is real here to a superman punch off the cage that rocks guys or a flying knee or whatever he thinks might be fun he will throw and probably land. Now Aldo can lose and it’s pretty much determined by whether he throws his signature stuff and stays off his back foot for a majority of the fight not getting sucked into the McGregor vortex. Aldo is going to have to go back to the beginning, putting in some real work with those leg kicks from years past is necessary in my mind chop chop chop and keep on chopping into the middle of the 3rd round blast in the clinch like a Thai with those straight knees and just keep smashing like Rafael did to Pettis wink wink. If it hits that mat Aldo takes it in my opinion, Conor may be slept on when it comes to grappling but there is a real reason why in this case Nova Unea houses some of the world’s foremost top smaller weight grapplers and strikers. Aldo is also slept on look at Chad vs Conor Chad couldn’t pass the guard but Chad’s no long time black belt, Jose is a master guard passer outside of Frankie he’s the best at 135 145 155 honestly. Brendan “Big Brown “ Schaub has so eloquently stated his training partner Jonas “Speed”  Bilharinho is a REAL GAME CHANGER because he is taller and has better stronger kicks in his toolbox and his mentality he is becoming Conor from the hair to the harshness which is scary for the guy competing against Aldo. A fearless Aldo with real cause to be fearless because he’s seen a better version of Conor in camp that’s the x factor . For a lot of the fans who train or are super deep in this world a big gripe with Connor is that he hasn’t showed any wrestling or high level bjj.

Be it against the likes of cough cough Edgar, Mendes, Zombie, Lamas or a Cub Swanson who many think he leap frogged with the help of the UFC execs who need the pink elephant to make that money. Just saying Jones, Werdum, GSP, Silva, Ronda, and Wiedman have all shown that to truly be considered elite when ish hits the fan, some type of grappling mastery needs to be demonstrated. There’s a reason Chad would rather fight Connor folks it’s because he isnt afraid of the guy with the limited credentials, as well as submission lose on his record that’s meaningful. “Long live the KING” okay that was for the Aldo fans argument.

Enough of  the Conor bashing even he’s beating people folks, badly maybe not the best of the best but he’s performing like the best of the best.  McGregor fans get ready, pro Conor anti Aldo time. So what does Conor have that Aldo does not, length and size and a neo efficient movement way of moving in many people’s eyes. Where TJ Dillashaw and Cruz are very kinetic and have the cardio to do that for 5 rounds Conors approach is very Bruce Lee he’s scraped the fat of everything his feints are strikes his defense is pressure his kicks can be preliminary movements to get someone to react and then set them up for death. He’s revamping what neo i he looks like DJ in the way that he doesn’t need to drop shift or anything because he makes you pay every time you extend yourself. Alongside his technical stuff that size is real Conor should probably be a lightweight he’s a big guy which can cause problems for Aldo because of Aldos Dutch adjacent style. It really means that Conor should be able to take Aldo’s shots from old boxing ideas he should be able to take those shots and put it on Aldo because of the wars Aldo’s been in. Judging from history in MMA you can only chute box it up like Wandy Shogun in those boys for so long. Thats where Conors left hand comes into play if he can time his check of Aldo’s leg kick and slip under the lead hand cross combo be it a hook or etc he can then land his counter. There is a but though like anything else, catching Aldo in those Dutchie transitions is not easy. Because of his time training with the greatest technical Olympic boxing nation in the Cubans down in Brazil his slip and roll off his 1, 2 is dare I say as good but not better than Teófilo Stevenson’s classic 1,2 the man Ali feared would one day be on his shores to take him out. The saving grace for Conor still remains his height and the fact that Aldo has to strike upward which leaves him open to the counter uppercuts Conor loves so much. On the ground I gave the edge to Aldo because Conor can survive there against a gassed Chad but he’s facing a guy that passes guard on the guys that tap his coaches like it’s nothing Conor wins by striking and can survive off his back but staying there is ill-advised.

Anyone saying they know who’s going to win is full of it. Nobody has that answer because it’s too close a matchup of styles and despairiging weight and height in favor of Conor. X factor here for both combatants in a negative or negating nature is this weight cut with no IVs for Conor because he walks around at 170 easy, and for Jose the toll this fight game has had on his body and chin. That’s that I wish both men the best this is great for the martial arts world and I will not be picking a winner for this one it’s too close for my taste.

-Later Folks and Family


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