Tumblr Defense LOL

T Fergs a Bad Mutha, shut you mouth
I’m just talkin bout Tony Ferguson,
Oh then we can dig it



Alright so if your not all the way in when it comes to MMA thats fine the sports ever evolving giving more to martial arts then anything before it. One of those innovative thinkers is Tony Ferguson. The man hits like a mack truck has cardio for 5 rounds and is as game as anyone ever. He is the dark horse at 155 and is capable of recking extreme havoc come 2016. What I’m touching on here is his elusivenessand abilty to escape from anything a bad look while striking to defending a takedown. Now BJJ folks are already up on this but those guys are the mad scientist on the mats rolling constantly eith no thought of MMA. Tony is taking a sub grappling move thats seen in Wrestling, Sambo, and BJJ. Hes literally somersaulting away from danger. If you think its a fluke think again because he does it all the time. Like I’ve stayed before there’s a new wave of guys coming that are inspired by traditional martial arts, movies and what I’ll call mid modern MMA (Pride, WEC, Strikeforce & UFC from 2000 to 2007). Conor when he slips gets 3 points of contact on the mat turns and circles away before standing up. DJ immediately locks up an arm when he slips and someone is trying to stack him. Tony when opponets try to take him down he just rolls with it sumersaults like hes licking up a oma plata and gets back to his feet same thing when hes striking.

How hes doing it so you can do it is not the real question, a cookie cutter move this is not. This movement is all based on you how you fell comfortable or even if you fell comfortable doing it because tumbling on an angle so your opponent can’thit you takes time. In sparring you have to do it over and over. To the point that your partner knows you are going to do it but can’t  stop it or has no answer for it after the fact. I love what I’m seeing and can’t wait for his fight against Barbosa tonight.

-Later Folks and Family


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