Rockhold the Cali Killer



Okay right now we are going to do a player like profile. Rockhold is the Surfing, Grappling, TKD, Cali Star that’s misjudge and mis-categorised on a daily basis. You have a strikeforce legend from AKA who is basically the little brother of Cain and DC. That brother comment weighs heavy, why because every opponent tries to big brother and bullie Luke. This is because of what looks like Lukes laid back style but thats all a facade. Luke in the beginning of battle presents a false since of security, and really if we are being real if Chris hadnt beat Anderson Luke would have. The only mark and you can’t call it a negative honestly was his TRT Vitor loss. After he lost to Vitor he went on an absolute tear through the division leaving broken body after body behind him. From Tim Boesch to Lyoto Machida, he ran through with beautiful striking and fantastic grappling finishes. Once more he’s a killer that presents a less then intimidating picture. Now getting to brass tacs when it comes down to the skill department. Luke is a high level grappler I mean high level. There are stories of Luke walking into AKA and sparring and going through the practices with DC, Cain, Thompson, and Swick. When he started he was giving these pros problems in the submission grappling department. Jake Sheilds has complemented Lukes wrestling and top game, you can draw the American Jiujitsu character in Luke. Meaning his top game and wrestling is top notch maybe not Yoel like but damn close to All American status for sure ask his coach Crazy Bob Cook. Next is definitely the striking where he is a long time TKD blackbelt. With the help of Javie Mendes and company his kickboxing has jumped up to a genius level and with K-1 heavyweights and people of that skill level in the gym its rubbed off on him. Thats what makes this bout interesting to very closely matched young athletic beast about to collide.

For Rockhold to win he needs to do a few things that he does very well. Show Chris he cant be bullied, again with his big brothers at AKA hes faced pressute that Chris just cant match because of size and ability. Next he needs to establish that kick to the body something Anderson couldn do and what Machida did late. Then Luke needs to soften Chris ip by letting everything go likehe did against Bisping and then end it either standing or by a nice sub. That’s how a win plays out for Luke he ould get a decision but if you let Chris live late and try to coast Chris can ice and sub anyone with some surprisingly wild strikes. So yeah Skywalker can win if he floats and then swarms.

-Later Folks and Family


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