Built Long Island Tough



Weidman is Long Island Tough Brazilian savy American Kickboxing proficient. Like Ray Longo has said “hes a muthafucker, the things I’ve seen in the gym with this guy Christ” “we are all lucky he fights in a cage” and Ray is so right. So lets get to the technical.

Lets assume just off credentials Chris gets the nod grappling black belt under Master Renzo and hes a  All American wrestler basically a 185 Frankie Edgar so again nod to Chris. What’s freaky is his ability to take guys down and ground them out not on the cage but in the middle of the cage. What all wrestlers want to do is get the take down in the center of the cage and grind from there so the guy can’t wall walk. Now he can get the sub but his best bet is the ground and pound. Now striking wise I gave a lot more to Luke and gave him a big margin then Chris versus Machida. Now for the big X-factor wise because of a bomb that just dropped is Mark Henry Frankies striking coach being in Weidmans camp for this fight. Strength wise and striking wise now hes closed that gap up, bullying Luke wont really work but playing a new game of outside striking to pocket Muay Thai. Wrestling will be a key to getting Luke to the ground once there he can exploit his Marcelo Garcia, John Danaher, and Renzo Gracia cough cough ummm WHAT. So yeah this is a close bout and now I think Chris can for sure win this bout assuming his striking has truly upgraded. Whats up, for sure watch and love and learn from this bout.

-Later Folks and Family


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