The Sleeper Fight

Frankie vs Chad

Theres to much to talk about in this bout we will keep it short and sweet with a fight breakdown strictly because they are mirror images of each other in certain ways. Alright okay get to it below ya understand Jersey and Sack Town are about to collide.

Frankie versus Chad is a interesting fight it was bound to happen eventually and all the mma nerds are stoked for it. In one fighter Edgar you have what Joe Rogan calls the biggest heart in MMA he got dropped over and over by Maynard tmat the tine avguy who should have been fighting at 170 versus the undersized Edgar. What happened there Frankie lives and his corber says move your head after each punch and he did exactly that and starched Maynard like it was nothing the real answer at 145 whos heen on a tear since his loss to Aldo. Lighting Cub & Faber on fire and getting ducked by the UFC brass so hes nowhere near the cash cow Conor which I will touch on. Now for Frankie to win hes hot to do what he does brillant boxing and kickboxing push his Diaz marathon sprinting pace get his takedowns and show off that Almeida and Renzo BJJ like he did to Cub or score a big KO finish. Now Chad is to Frankie what Hulk is to the Thing there basically the same but Chads got Hendo bombs in both hands the only man to KO Guida at the time and he had a line of broken bodies behind him before his fight of the year rematch with Jose Aldo. Again if Alpha Male had maintained a positive relationship with Bang Ludwig I think Chad hits a different level striking which he showed in his Aldo rematch but showed no signs of in his match with Conor. Granted 7 days of training after time off doesn’t give enough cardio to dance like the fever dream of James Brown and a Dutch Kickboxer like he needed to. All that being said his pressure boxing game is based in slip and counter with power. He’s explosive as hell and isnt worried about wrestling because like Faber says Chad is the biggest freak and technical wrestler in there canp along side my Ohio brother Lance Palmer. Know Chad can win too but its going to look a lot different then Frankie hes going to want either 1 of 2 things the takedown and ground and pound or the strike off the counter transitioning to pressure bomb dropping. Chad lives to stoke his opponenrs when he clips them he did it to Lamas Aldo and everyone not named Conor. If he gets into a striking war thats playing Frankies game Frankie loves brawls because he picks them apart and then takes them down where he subs or TKOs them Chads rear naked and front choke defense is top notch but Frankies got a bag of tricks Chads never experienced rolling with a ADCC black belt and tma guy thats out grappled the Prodigy BJ Penn on multi occasion. So who walks away with it personally I never beat against Frankie but I love Chad, whoever his striking has digressed while Frankie is always improving so I’m going with Edgar. Plus my ulitior motive is that I want him to be number 1 so I can see if Conors the real deal when win or lose he has to fight Frankie.

-Later Good People


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