Paige vs Rose Culture Clash

Paige vs Rose

Paige and Rose is a nice fight if you want to line up contenders so Joanna, Waterson, or Claudia depending can be lined up for the future. Personally I think Paige has alot of talent but this rush to build her ranking seems ridiculous in my opinin but shes proved me wrong before. Now Rose is a gangster and I mean gangster her fiance is Pat Barry meaning my girl can throw every kickboxing combo ever especially those dutchies. Rose is the girl moving up the rankings again to prove why she was the favorite on the Ultimate Fighter. Now the breakdown is below.

Paige can win lets start with that if Rose doesnt set a pace and Paige takes her down or gets in a wild scramble like Paige loves to do she can keep Rose there. Paige has to be careful on the ground with Rose because she is wild off her back and Paige real isn’t. That being said what Paige has is the volume striking from the top. Standing and striking is not the game wants to play she wants to create chaos with the striking volume with all intention on shooting for a double. That’s how Paige can win old skool Randy Couture style cage work and volume striking with grinding wrestling.

Now for Rose she can win off her back and striking. This is Rose and for my money the number 3 striker in the dividion behind Waterson and Joanna. Rose will need to blast from the get go to keep Paige worried about not getting KOd, and to force her to use the desperation takedown. Rose can win by TKO early and doctors stoppage by volume in the late rounds. Off her back shes a nightmare and probably the most game off her back in the division and she will finish unlike Felice she will finish. My money is again on my girl Rose either TKO or Sub don’t know because I haven’t seen enough wrestling tape of Paige.

-Later folks and family


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