Max Holloway vs. Jeremy Stephens Young Bucks Goin to Work

Max Holloway vs. Jeremy Stephens

The black horse of the division Holloway vs The Alliance MMA and Domonick Cruz’s twisted powerful play cousin lol. Styles make fights and the common opponent here is Cub Swanson who Max lit on fire and who Jeremy should he could stand and strike with. Totally different fights and anyone thinking Max is just going to walk throw Jeremy is wildly mistaken. In Max you have a outside striking genius the dude lives the outside angle and then when he feints to the outside he blitzkriegs with a wild power strike and thats over and over and over again for 3 or 5 rounds. Hes ground game us iffy but hes so big for the weight class that pure size and strength coupled with technical ability makes take downs highly unlikely for most smaller opponents. Stephens is a weird cat former 155er thats carried his power down to 145 and is just thriving. He’s got super sharp traditional MMA boxing and is taking on parts of Cruzs game. Think of a high level techincal brawler with great kickboxing. His flying knees highlight level leasmd hooks like Lennox lol, kicks that even Cub was weary of. Both nightmares at 145 for everyone match up wise.

Who wins is anyones freaking guess is the theme of this fight card slash week. Max can win by doing what he fid to Cub and stay out of range of that power and the take-down. Max needs to play on the outside land a big kick or knee on a blitz and keep doing that chopping Stephens down and priming him for the KO. Stephens wins by walking Max down and creating what will look like a brawl but in reality is a deep dark web thats beibg weaved. Stephens needs to stay tight with every strike then land another highlight bomb in the chaos like that knee he landed on Dennis Bermudas. Again who knows never count Stephens out but I think I’ll roll with Max hes got something to prove I think.

-Later Folks and Family


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