Grapplers with Freak Power anyone could hit the Deck not of the own Accord

Yoel Romero vs. Ronaldo Souza

The card or hell the biggest fight week ever in the history of MMA is upon us, be warned I’m doing a ton of breakdowns for this starting off with Souza vs Yoel.

Starting off we have two of best pure grapplers ever bar none case closed. Starting with the Cubano Yoel is a Olympic medalist in fwrestling and the only guy to beat Kale Sanders twice let that sink in. Hes training with those killers down at ATT and his explosive ability is world class emwatch his flying knee on Machida and then how he immediately hits the canvas looking to wrap up Machida by his ankles. His movrment and freak explosive ability is far and ahead eveeyone at 185 even while being up there in age. Yoel wins this fight by managing his explosions and walking Jac into a web were he can explode like he did on Machida. If he can explode and stay out of the guard of Jac and stay ontop he can then grind Jac out. That’s the only way he wins linging up his straight punches feinting basically boxing like his country men and he trains with Pedro Diaz cough cough….enough said.

Alright the case for Ronaldo is a long winded one because of the amount of moving parts. Starting with Juijitsu, hes an all time great and his top game is like his name sake crocodile like. High level wrestling ability but whats very interesting is his power boxing with basic fundamental. Training with Anderson Silva has given him a look at the matrix of MMA hes basically been in the express lane his entire career. If youve seen his sparring or pad videos you will see what looks like the tighness, speed, and power of a Chris Eubank Jr. How Jac can win is by using a Hagler like jab and closing the gap landing a smooth 3 to the body 4 to the head 5, 3 to the body. Landing to the body to gas out Yoel, and then get the sweep to the ground and catch a sub or find the body and when Yoels primed find the chin.

Thats the break for you this card is literally stacked with 50 50 fights if your in the know you know whats up Im leaning to Jac because hes as much a freak of nature as Yoel is.

-Later Folks and Family

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