Women’s 125 in the UFC?

The Princess Maybe Storming the Gates

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (4).gif

That’s a B.A.D MOFO Right There


If you don’t know who the real Warrior Princess is you will soon find out. Xena can go kick rocks Zoila Frausto is the truth. A killer Muay Thai and TKD specialist with nice grappling off the bottom. Undefeated in kickboxing and the only woman’s Bellator Champion, she’s been on a losing streak in MMA but don’t be fooled she was competing at a weight and doing it in a very unhealthy way. She was fighting at 135 and 115 but shes a tweener and belongs at 125. Now healthy and living at a weight were cutting to 115 is even possible for her now makes her a whole new fighter or rather the fighter in Bellator but much healthier. The possibility of a woman’s 125 division to UFC off the unequivocal results, and response that the 115 and 135 classes have gotten makes this 125 not only a good addition but also a necessary move. For the health of the fighters in the UFC and for women coming up it just makes sense. Not only that but the fact that by showing success by separating weight classes the smart way versus huge gaps and recognizing the tweener weight classes like a 125 between 115 and 135. By doing it this way we may see a tweener class coming soon to the men’s side of the game for 155 to 170 to 185 to 205. To cap it off shes more experienced took Muay Thai seriously and has built a wild game, she stays  crafty because of her TKD background think Anthony Pettis talent wise.  So yeah great move if the UFC decides to go this route and best wishes to Zoila.

Here’s a interview she did talking about MMA on MMAjunkie check it out.
-Later Folks and Family  


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