We’re Gonna rename this Jig after Holly

Skip Shake Hit Roll Out


1Zy2Hq (1).gif


Holly put on a master class and it was cooling being right about the fight but it’s said to see all the hate and cruelty that all these celebrities and supposed fans of a incredibly skilled fighter is receiving afterwards. This is about what Holly did right and something she did that set up everything was a fundamental boxing execution but on a higher razor sharp level, I draw a comparison to Kron Gracie’s BJJ super fundamental but on a whole other level so ine and persist it can cut a laser. So what Holly did is was basically a pull counter 2 without the pull or having to rely on Ronda throwing so she could pull and fire it was throwing a lead straight left or she would do it off the back foot stepping backwards rather than hopping back off a shake and the pouncing forward to land. It wasn’t a super drastic burst forward it was as slight as her step when throwing the jab in my opinion because of where Rondas striking skill is just on  a pure boxing standpoint she was biting on the movement like it was jab therefore making that step a jab feint which if you’re thinking of defending the jab versus thinking about the piston of a cross down the pipe like Tarver did to Roy Jones. My favorite combination of movements is what I’ll break down below it’s very much the brilliance of Winkeljohn striking knowledge. The fundamentals are all based in footwork finding that distance and just reacting to the openings you see like TJ Dillashaw or Cruz when they step back take a deep breath and analyze your target’s weak points. That being said let’s get to this how to.


  1. Off your back foot either step back drawing your target back on the balls of your feet so your springs are there to move off the line if your target charges you.
  2. Skip, hop, or whatever forward on the “Center Line” to get them to bite on that movement either jabbing or feinting the jab.
  3. Pro tip when it comes to the hop its really not a jump its just a adjustment of distance from your back foot and lead foot your going from close together to a little over shoulder width apart.
  4. Hop backwards landing on the toes or balls of the feet to stay explosive or then you “SHAKE” to make your opponent think you’re just about try to weave in like a inside brawler.
  5. Lastly spring “OFF the Center Line” lining up your rear hand with the target, forward and while doing so fire off the cross.
  6. When landing you need to be thinking roll out under towards your opponent’s lead arm to safety if you stand to look at your handy work you will get lit up, so don’t lol.


-Later Folks and Family stop with the Ronda Hate, Congrats to Holly Holm the greatest female combat artist to ever exist Boxing Kickboxing and now UFC El Champion.


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