Move Weird to Move Better

Uncomfortable Movement is so Good



Moving like The Warrior Prince is so good for anyone, the new age of Muay Thai or Thai mixed with the by the new kids on the block with TKD versus the dutch with straight boxing fundamentals and real traditional Karate. Flowing with things that don’t make sense is crazy fun like lead leg head kick to lead hook right after. It’s just good to expond on your abilities which when implemented in reality it just catches people, and if you do it well you can really do damage because your bodies adapted to the motion. Running combinations with the hands on the bag and just adding elbows off of any shot. Lead front kick then rear teep jab rear leg kick to rear head kick jab to the outside and around to another leg kick. It’s all just flowing and being creative not needing combinations yelled out or whatever being creative is a necessary thing to develop to a high level. Just watch Zolia to get inspired at the gym her instagram is just straight fire. What I love doing is taking cards putting every strike every put them in a bag shake them up pick to at a time and write that combination down then after you’ve done all of then move to three strike combos then 4 then 5 etc. You’ll get comfortable doing combs that make no sense but since your cool moving weird in a fight you can just fire off anything that’s open because you can.
-Later Folks and Family get Weird and Cool with your own Style


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