Wisdom in Joey Diazs Words

Host of the Church of What’s Happening Now and literally the funniest man to ever live, comedian with great timing and the realist life experience breaks down things people should do to improve their quality of life. Joey on his most recent podcast with Javi Vasquez brilliant BJJ black belt and UFC vet, they are speaking on the path to learning BJJ or anything really. Joey expounds on what writing down what you learn in class down everyday you have a lesson. Why, because BJJ as an art is the most infinite style of Martial Arts striking expands in the footwork strikes are pretty much set 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, leg kicks, sidekicks, and so on and so on but it eventually ends. The path of learning anything in school starts with note taking history, math, and science good luck just memorizing everything without a point of reference. Writing down what you learn in school is commonplace and nobody bats an eye. Now in Martial Arts it’s seen as a mad scientist type or a super intense person that trains. What is lost is the fact that you forget what you’re doing in class the longer it’s been since you trained so to get better you write down what you did in class and by doing so your basically mentally going through your class all over again and seeing what areas you need to work on or what you did well with. Then at the end of the week or after a month or whatever you can go back and revisit the things you did in that class about passing from side control or how a different path to the back. For what I’m doing it’s just the same, writing down the details of you jab up to the Dutchie to the switch knee, to the clinch, to the collar tie arm drag lead knee, lead hook all of that writing down is easy to program faster than the person only drilling it. When Joey talked about his note taking I knew I had to write about it this eclectic comedian talking about not answering his phone and getting home from class taking off his GI and taking down his notes before his shower like any good student will. Uncle Joey just dropped a bomb bigger than a Funk Flex or the SOS band could ever drop a bomb on me.
-Later Folks and Family


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