Touch the Body Steal that Soul

Body Work



We’re talking about body work and one of the best at it was Ricky Hatton. Ricky Hatton would stand in front of someone, L step & hit the angle, and dig a punch right in the solar plexus. The theory or the reality of it is something that Mayweather, Andre Ward, and company always talk about stealing that air it’s bop and give me that air. Think how crazy it would be to take and tight smashing hook to the middle of the gut instead of just a jab or cross like the Mayweathers of the world. So run this combination on the pads it’s no the hand work it’s all about foot placement skips and pivots its all based of the legs and then the hooks are based in the legs as well smashing guys to the body is a quick way to gas someone or end a fight with a liver shot. Ross is doing it very well here I mean his boxing foot work is so good and pure that when he throws a hook its so tight and balanced that even if someone throws at the same time he will still land and KO them. Real Deal is so knarley with his pivots off the L step just like D Cruz its like they train together cough cough.  The combination that seems to work very well when taught so let’s get to it.


Step by step

  1. Step with the lead and 1, 2.
  2. Step again moving off the center line off to the direction of the lead hand, this is the L step.
  3. Feint with the 1 or a 2, and pivot of to angle to fire that inside hook to the center of the body.
  4. Once you get comfortable with everything up to step 3 your going to want to get faster so to do so off the L step immediately pivot forward or anticipate it and just skip step to that angle. 
  5.  Slide right across with either a slide or a hop step and hit the angle so you can deliver the backhand to the center of the body.
  6. The body shots are all off the skip pivot and deliver that inside body hook.

-Family and Folks get out and steal that soul


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