Redirect so They Catch a Fade



If you watched any combat sports this weekend you saw a lot of craziness and lovely misdirection. Feints aren’t the only way to miss direct a target safely, you can feint them to death and land a 2 over top of it all day. Or you can land somewhere else like to the body over and over again. Then on your next 1, 2 or whatever instead of landing whichever shot to the body you can land overtop to the that sensitive chin or liver whichever you prefer.  Above we have Benson Henderson landing the jab to the the thigh after kicking that thing like a twig in the mud over and over before just landing a jab to the top of the knee like an oblique kick. Once he got Nick reacting to the jab trying to counter before Benson would roll under and away from anything Nate was thinking of throwing. After the seed was planted that it was just a jab roll out and away, Benson knew he could fire off a feinted jab to the knee and come over top with a cross. It’s a lesson in the redirection and why going to the body to open up the head just like Bas Rutten and every other Dutch kickboxer is yelling at the TV during every fight ever. You can misdirect to the body and head like you would with hooks and uppercuts with the straight shots as well. Don’t forget to misdirect to catch your target slippin faded.
-Later Folks and Family


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