Mexican Cinnamon vs That Classic Boricua

Canelo vs Cotto

This is gonna be a doozy, I don’t like Oscar as a hypocrite but whatever. Lets talk about this from the real a Puertican superstar with somewhat of a ressurgence personally I never thought he feel off after coming off the best performance seen against Mayweather. The Mexican super star with star power international crossover ability with dynamic footwork and shocking power. It’s gonna be a good one for damn sure.

Now for the breakdown startingwith Cotto. Cotto wins with basic defense and his dynamic sophisticated offensive ability. By that I mean use his mind as the older guy in the ring who have Mayweathervat the time his best fight. Cotto and Roach fit well with each other I see Cotto establishing a stepping jab to disrupt Canelos movement like Floyd did. Then make Canelo nervous about fifhting in the mid range where Canelo lives by showing him the 1, 1 and 1, 5, 2. Then to really cement it unload with that legendary lead hook to the body head or whatever. For Canelo he needs to get Cottos respect he has to show that hes no young pup in the game he went pro at like 16 after all. Canelo needs to really be solid defense wise because hes fighting a assassin, so not getting overextended is key or a left hook is waiting to shut him off like countless other opponents. Offensively staying within himself is very mch key clean 1,1,3 followed by 1,2,and the double jab. Everything is predicated by the footwork if Canelo goes back to his American Cuban footwork style he will be fine. By that I mean more dynamic torso movement and balance vs plotting forward like he been doing in some fights. That’s that who wins I cant call unlike the Rousey Holms fight. I will never count Cotto out even the I think Canelos the new star of boxing.

-Later Folks and Family


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