The Dutch and Thai Way

Nieky Holzken Knows

Another combination from the merging worlds of Muay Thai and Dutch Kickboxing. The modern kickboxing game have figured out how to fire combinations in the smallest angle so the opponent can’t even sense to react to it as well as putting tremendous amounts of speed and power behind the combination. There is something to be said for the power generated by a swift clean combination. Stepping or Switch step Knee to a rear leg roundhouse kick with no switch. You have to commit to these movements to land because any hesitation on the knee means you don’t land and the combo was for not, hesitate on the roundhouse and the counter is there. The combo has some rear important details on the entry of the combo and the step by step will be below.

Step or Switch Knee to Rear Leg Roundhouse Kick

  1. Extend the arms so the lead hand reverse collar ties the neck and the rear hand cups the or pulls in the targets lead shoulder.
  2. Off the extension either comes the switch for a knee or the firing of that stepping knee.
  3. Now land the knee and immediately push off to create space for the kick so you don’t get smothered by the target because there’s so little space to work with.
  4. Now off the extension for space you throw the rear leg roundhouse to the body. It’s not a switch kick that takes to long it’s a regular rear leg roundhouse. It come off faster because you just landed a knee and created the space to land before you threw it.
  5. You have to get good of the non switch kicks the come faster than what most people are capable of off the switch unless you’re names Edson ( even his switch isn’t as fast as his rear leg sometimes.)

-Later Folks and Family


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