Respect Those Dope Cuts

Angle Cutting Masterclass

Not to be rude but screw it, I told you so. Well with that out of the way, let us move to what a masterclass performance Holly put on for display. What set up the footwork and angle cutting was that Jackson Camp oblique kick or stomp side kick or that french term for it. With that stomp to Rondas lead leg it did pretty much what a leg kick would do but kept Holly out of the bum rush range (I think I said the game plan would look like a Jon Jones fight). Because Ronda wasnt slidding or checking that kick she got hesitant and started biting on feints which like when fighting a high level boxer or kickboxer like a Pettis, they will eat you alive off the straight 2 making the counter 2 later super easy to land.

Now Holly put a boxing footwork clinic, she got Ronda biting on her lead feint opening up the cross counter. One cant forget that moment when Ronda loads up and falls as Holly dips rolls and darts off, while Ronda falls over. Holly was rolling like sge was Roy Jones Jr. In his prime it wascwild to watch. Back to the masterclass stuff that wasn’t all she did, Holly would circle out wait for Rondas approach and stop her horizontal progress. After the stop she changes direction on a linear path off the back foot cough cough Mayweather style lol. We call this a dart or a shift depending on if your changing direction side ways or for a dart taking a v shape path think Dom Cruz . The craziness of it all was the quality of the straight counter she was throwing which is to be expected from a world class boxer. I compare it to the swiftness and. crispness of Mighty Mouse’s straight 2. When you have an aggressive target that lacks the footwork ability or striking know how to not bite on a feint or feinted step. Nothing more can be said perfect boxing kickboxing game, takedown defense, BJJ play, and Wrestling play. I can’t say how amazing UFC 193 was, and how happy I am for Holly.

-Respect Oss Family and Folks

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