Haters Hate and Critics are Wrong what else is New


Go check out Tristars coach Firas Zahabis recap of the fight to get an understanding of combat, click here.

Things are getting a little crazy all these Ronda haters just poppin up. Look shes changed societies view on combat and wmma and that cant be denied so just stop the hate. Respect her for doing what countless numbers of you vicarious leeches wish you had the courage to do that being exposing yourself to world and expressing you self truthfully. Ronda didn’t hide she did what she knew how to do and Holly knew more and one. Now for the thing thats really erking me people saying this was Weidman Silva or Dillishaw Renan, but calling this Sera GSP. You xan miss me with that nonsense Holly foght brilliantly with a gameplan built to defeat Ronda because of her own skills. Was Ronda getting hit with straight 2 after straight 2? Yep so the flash ko is gone dont even bring it up or disrespect Holly like that she fought her fight and so the opening and capitalized on it end of story good night.

Now for the philosphers approach in me, lord help me. All this fighting game is is what the late Helio Gracie said, you do this then I do that you do this then I do that forever. That’s the theory (physics has the same concept as well) until something is added that one person has no answer for then its checkmate. For so long that has been Rondas clinch and versital armbar. She faced a women that’s been training in diverse striking longer then she has been training for MMA. Hollys coaches wrote the book on mma and BJJ for mma (cough cough Greg Jackson) and keep rewriting it and burning it over and over again. Meanwhile Rondas mom is shedding light on Rondas coach who might not be the best fit or that knowledgeable when it comes to training people with no striking experience for mma.


All that comes back to a knowledge game how much do you know and can you implement  it? If not your going to eventually get beat. This wasnt some fluke win either Holly defended like every top level fighter and judo player has been thinking use the cage as a 2nd point of balance keep the elbow tight dont try to clinch Rondas waist and lastly keep your hips lower. Holly foght her fight and we respect her for providung such an excellent performance but the same should be said for Ronda she was tough and secured a takedown a swung for an armbar, but it wasnt there because of Hollys knowledge. Ronda didnt lose because she was angry or frustrated she lost because Holly is playing the GSP game of working for mastery in all facets of mma not just one. So respect to Holly and respect to Ronda for her performance as well. How you feel about Rousey with other things cant outweigh the goid shes done in changing the social view of women and fighting. RESPECT & OSS to these Women.

-Later folks and family


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