Dutch Muay Thai vs North American Kickboxing

K-1 Matchup in the Octagon Again


What have we found out so far because of UFC 193, other then women can talk some wild stuff and mean it and the world will eat it up. We see that Joe Silva is very much a big part of the matchmaking now a days. As an insider he is more knowledgeable about what each competitor is capable of and demonstrates it with match ups that people may call lame fights but turn into huge sporting event deals. Ronda and Holly for example everyone thought Holly was a just a boxer meanwhile she’s an accomplished Kickboxer under the famed Jackson’s academy (from the makers of Jon Jones Carlos Condit and GSP you’re welcome). Now where Joe flexed a little was in this Joanna Val fight, with Claudia Gadelha hurt and not cleared to fight the next biggest threat was is the women on a winning streak. A very good and underrated Kickboxer vs a Dutch Muay Thai power house. For the techincal fans and the fans that train or fight this is the fight other than Mark Hunt and Bigfoot (go ahead and flex Joe Silva) that is to good to pass up. Later folks and fans UFC 193 is upon us and ish might get a little too lit after watching those weigh ins.
-Later Folks and Family  


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