AOC TKD: Lead Leg Striking

Lead Leg Striking

Why its important to learn to kick off the lead, well simple because you become a threat to your target at any distance. Being able to throw with either leg be it the rear then the lead or vice versa means you will probably land a kick and get your opponent moving backwards which means layering your kicks with volume to end the bout.

First Step: Remove the Step


  1. To minimize cheating with a hard switch step start practicing with a small step with an already pivoted or open rear foot and hip.
  2. Follow the steps of a round house and lift the lead leg and carry it through the kick motion.
  3. Extending the leg through the motion slows it down but guarantees the shin will land instead of the foot which can break if your no careful.

Second Step: No Telegraph


  1. This is where the monotonous training comes into play, what your going need to do is start drilling maintaining balance while kicking slowly with your lead leg, rule of 10,000 perfect reps to mastery applies here.
  2. Once you develop a fluid motion and balance start whipping throw the kick faster and faster,
  3. Points to remember are that your not looking for power here your looking for speed and balance.
  4. Things you can do to make it comfortable are to pull your lead arm down in the opposite direction then where the kick
  5. is going.
  6. Then pull the rear arm up against the chin or if you lean back keep it at head level but out just enough to maintain the balance.
  7. Also study the GIF of one of the best lead leg kickers in the UFC Anthony Pettis and Black Dynamite Himself Cyrus Washington.

-Good day to all the Folks and Family


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