For the Vertically Challenged

Dig to the Body


Follow Tiff Time Bomb on the the Gram

Landing to the body off the bat is hard to do unless using a stabbing jab or cross to the body from a bladed stance. That being said Tiff Timebomb has some of the best footwork for landing to the body. Why, because she’s significantly shorter than all of her competition. She lives by the sword that is take the body then kill the head. When she wants to land to the head she uses her footwork to set up the body shot and when doing this she’s cut the angle and is in perfect position to land the 2 and leg kick behind it, or knee, or etc. What’s really brilliant is the speed and built in feint that is this footwork think of a zigzag and Dominick/ TJ Dillashaw dash.

So what’s she doing footwork wise.

  1. She steps forward.

  2. She takes an outside angle cut (HARD) while extending the rear hand as a measuring tool and blinder.

  3. Then take an inside step off line and cutting the opponent’s striking angle (meaning step where they can’t hit you on the outside of their rear hand).

  4. On the last step strike through with the hook to the body.

  5. Need more clarification just really look at the gif.

-Stay fly my Tall, Short, and Average Family and Folks


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