One FC Lions in a Cage


My first post on the best org. outside the UFC home of Ben Askren the beast who Bellator cut while he had the belt and the UFC didn’t sign because he’s Jon Fitch times 10. This is really just a profile on Ben. Ben is a Roufusport fighter with a funky wrestling style and even funkier submission base. This guy is a glove that is gorilla strong and applies a pressure and weight on guys he takes down that’s like a skyscraper being mounted on these guys chest. He will take you down and that’s that but what’s scary is he’s had to put up with the mma media calling him boring for so long that he’s subbing guys now and looking to finish be it ground striking or the sub. He’s got a 3rd or 4th lung and doesn’t stop. Luis Santos is a long time vet and a striking finisher in spectacular fashion head kicks and punches come to mind when thinking of Luis. What will happen will happen Ben will look for the takedown and Luis will look to defend and strike in the scramble.

Now the fight can go really only one way, Ben shoots Santos defends and that’s where the fight begins. Santos has to defend well enough that he can cause a scramble and crack Ben with something devastating. Santos to win has to defend with something not only solid but effective and then strike with something solid and with know tell because once he tells Ben is taking him down. For Santos its strike or die, or on the ground defend and gas out at the end of the round. Either survive the round and defend well enough to not get subbed and try again at the beginning of the next round. Ben’s not going to lose on the ground he dominates like Maia dominates, its so far gone that Ben when’s on the ground that’s it’s laughable to think otherwise. Who wins is all dictated to where this fight takes place Ben wins the long race and Santos may win with a short 40 yard sprint like performance. Great championship fight from One FC, tune in for quality MMA.

-Later Folks and Family


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