Bigfoot vs Hunt 2 It’s On Again

Bigfoot vs Hunt 2

Mark_Hunt_Bigfoot_Silva (1)

Its on and poppin Heavyweight war with a twist this time around no more TRT and drop in weight and an increase in health. First things first if you haven’t seen the first fight hop on fight pass and watch the madness of war. Secondly you have to understand the change on the inside of both fighters, no more TRT for Bigfoot. There’s been a change for Bigfoot he got KO’d by Mir and then ran through a Hawaiian so he might be solid now but who knows. Bigfoot doesn’t look the same but after his Mir fight he looks a lot better. If there’s anyone  that needs TRT medically its Bigfoot because of his tumor he’s a giant for a reason. The other end is with Mark Hunt Fightland did a story on how Hunt after his Stipe fight has decided to get in shape. Get in shape is weird because you see a fighter and say oh you must be in shape your fighting, hahah thats were your wrong. Mark Hunt use to cut to make the heavyweight limit at 265, he’s now been working out of AKA Thailand where he’s slimmed down and reacquired some of his old K-1 skills.

Now for the breakdown, starting with Hunt. Hunt can win by KO against anyone anytime he connects. Let’s assume he’s even more fleet of foot now that he’s lost significant weight and trained his body to move better and work more efficiently. Hunt in my eyes will be moving like the ballerina he is a connecting with heavy bombs which is how he wins stuffing takedowns and playing to his strength as a K-1 Champion Kickboxer. Mid range pocket and chest to chest is where Hunt is the most dangerous against this punch sensitive Bigfoot. Now for Bigfoot to win he will have to be back and by that I mean his chin need to be granite again. He was to weather the storm and somehow find this lighter weight Hunt in the scrambles and pressing him up on the cage like Stipe did and playing his role as the high level grappler he does have a black belt after all. Bigfoot because of his size would have to use his length to keep Hunt at bay or find where Hunt is and move before Hunt does and he can win the long range battle and because of his size and better grappling in the clinch chest to chest Bigfoot can dominate there. That sthat I got Hunt because I’ve been a Hunt fan since K-1 and he’s lost weight iron reinforced chin who’s ready to dance around like a giant hippo ballerina dancing the nutcracker with a nuclear warhead in his hands, but he is fighting the real Bigfoot again this is gonna be a wild one.

-Later Folks and Family  


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