The Old Pride Model Lives On

Gabi Garcia vs. Lei’D Tapa

This is the old Pride modle anew pro fighter with real experience vs the fake Im sorry Pro Wrestler. I say pro wrestler with cation because I would hate to sully the name of catch wrestling. However Rizin knows what there doing kind of, they are taking a relatively unknown pro wrestler and throwing her in with the fighter with a following in Brazil and in the BJJ community. They did it with Takada and Rickson and they created or more or less stumbled upon a treasure in Sakuraba which set it off in Japan. The model is there and the timing is set a big holiday week of fights where everyone not just in Japan but around the world will be tuned in to see this all play out. I have faith that Rizin can make it work but for them to challenge the UFC its going to take more then fake beef and resurrecting a legend. Sakaraba gave more to the organization than anybody else could have asked. They’re hoping to get a Rickson Ronda Rousey out of Gabi and later down the line get there Japanese product and promotional pound 4 pound contender. How this will play out long term is anybody’s freakin guess.

-Later Folks and Family


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