MMA Vet You Need to Know

Valérie Létourneau

The women that’s taking on Jonna is Valerie Letourneau a woman who has fought top fighters Sarah Kaufman Alexis Davis and my girl Claudia Gadelha to name a few. She’s come from fighting above her weight at 135 against killers during the beginning of Women’s MMA being passed up for big promotional fights to now fighting for the belt. She proved a technical ability like so many Canadian products. She’s an ATT product which is a top 5 gym in the country bar none and she’s not a pushover don’t let that # 9 ranking fool you she’s a threat like anyone fighting anyone there is always a threat. Val scraps that’s that she bangs and has power in all her strikes and what’s dangerous isn’t her striking it’s her grappling game her in grinding grappling ability is wild she excel in the grind, like her gym mate Robbie Lawler if you think this is a guaranteed win take this next rant to heart. Claudia is the big piece to the puzzle, Joanna fought Claudio to a decision and many people like Joe Rogan feel that Claudia won that bout. Next is the fact that Claudia beat Val by Split Decision so with simple MMA math with all things staying constant Joanna beat Val by a split, that is all well in good if Val isn’t getting better but she most likely is improving her game so she’s her own best version come UFC 193.

Don’t sleep on Val, the UFC has there two champs fighting two opponents that can definitely give a good fight as well as win with Holly Holms and Valerie going for broke.
-Later Folks and Family


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