Ronda vs Holly UFC 193 Breakdown

Ronda vs Holly

The Time has come it’s UFC 193 week and the main event is the Alpha Female Ronda Rousey vs another Alpha in Holly Holms. If you’ve been following my posts on Holly’s skills vs Rondas skills when it comes to striking (or got check it out). I’m going to briefly touch on how both women can win and the areas where the fight becomes more in their favor.  This card is a big deal not just for Ronda but for women’s athletics you have the main event headlined by two proven female combat athletes and co headlined by a top 5 striker and a iron sharpened Canadian fighter, both are 115 lb women. The big push to stack this card even more is a classic matchup one that the fans have wanted ever since the first fight the fight that rivals Robbie Rory and Shogun Hendo as best fights ever BIGFOOT SILVA vs Mark “The Super Samoan” Hunt. If you saw the first fight you get it. Plus it’s taking place (cough cough Conor McGregor voice) in a soccer stadium. Stacked card, mainstream stars, and mainstream fight matchups I see nobody saying nah I’m good.

Here we go Ronda vs Holly first will touch on Holly. Holly wins by staying long keeping the fight in the mid long and blitz range, she has to stay patient something she’s been training to do her entire career. She throws leg kicks chopping down the Ronda tree whose biggest issues have been her knees and that lead leg is as ripe as a Diaz brothers the cache for Rousey is she doesn’t have the counter punching ability or hasn’t shown it to be able to deal with a expert master striker like Holly. Avoiding the clinch is key and her game plan striking wise needs to look like Jon Jones in every fight or what Gus should have done against DC. Striking is the way to the top of the mountain because that’s where the fight starts, box Ronda up mix in a few kicks then when she finds the range unleash some dutch style fury with the leg kick, question mark kick, and side kicks off that lead which are nasty coming from Holly. Now for Ronda, I’m taking a GSP approach to this one. There is no reason to jump in the shark infested water with a striker that’s better than and has more striking credentials so look to go where your level is drastically increased. TAKE HER FOR A RIDE, get the clinch eat a few punches rush this woman get the collar tie match hips control the wrist uchi her and swing for the bar end of story. There’s no reason for Ronda to try to prove something to anyone that’s an ego thing if she wants to exercise her striking ability wait for Julianna or someone around that level to test yourself, don’t test yourself against easily the #1 or #2 female striker and again a top 15 striker in the UFC. Miss me with the ego trip or the massive legion of fans screaming for a knockout that’s not what martial arts was founded in, the most efficient way to win is not striking for Ronda bottom line. Ronda can win really only in the clinch or chest to chest, from the pocket outward Ronda gets beat based on proven ability vs a unproven ability. Just because Edmond says she could be a champion boxer doesn’t mean it’s true especially coming from a shady fellow who’s saying he made no income last year, plus Ronda’s mother dislikes him so thats a thing. Ronda wins if she can lock up the arm on the ground but only if Holly isn’t prepared to defend it, the clinch in mid to long range is all Holly. My pick is Holly wins by striking end of story done.           

-Later Folks and Family


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