Rampaging Killer meets Iron Maiden

Joanna vs Val


Interesting bout Joanna is the better striker by far in the division let alone this fight but Val has fought bigger fighters and is strong as iron and like Weidman she ain’t scared. The breakdown is simple can Val weather the storm find a moment to exchange and land her hammers on her. Joanna has to be wary because Val is a Canadian prototype tough as nails a great grappler and has a tendency to be fundamentally sound and willing to jump right into the ring of fire like GSP and Rory.

So how do these ladies win in this contest, well let’s start with Val. Val has to weather an early storm with proper defense and connect on exchanges and get Joanna to the ground. Her best bet is the Frankie Edgar leg kick plan, she need to dive into a single leg when Joanna throws a round kick be it a leg kick head kick or body kick letting Joanna tee of on her is not conducive to her health so where it begins and ends is with Vals defense. Once on the ground similar to Rousey because of Vals ability and coaching vs Joannas Val either grinds her out of submits her. Val makes the fight even when the fight becomes chest to chest, everywhere else is kind of close maybe but it doesn’t look good for Val anywhere but the clinch. Now for JJ, Joanna is a killer best Muay Thai in the women’s division 115 or 135 end of discussion done period. Takedown defense is great and her BJJ is good, how she wins is basically a rerun of her last 2 fights run those hands early straight shots back this girl up to the cage send in some hooks once she’s been dotted up lay in with the kicks. Ernesto Hoost was her Muay Thai coach which means leg kicks are coming along with a spear like teep, then finish her off with the barrage of cannon fire that comes in the shape of continuous 1, 2’s. JJ wins everywhere but may give in the clinch against this kind of grappler in Val, Joanna wins in the mid long and pocket range by a gap bigger than the grand canyon in my eyes but she could still get hit by Val . I say that because Val has good technique and moves forward because she’s been hit by 135’s and now fights at 115 so the powers not going to shock her so JJ need to keep up the constant barrage. This is a great fight and a precursor so to speak for the 115 fight I want to see, all do respect to Paige Vanzant but Claudia is the most well rounded fighter at 115 that could fight Joanna. That’s that and this card is stacked.

-Later Folks and Family  


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