It’s like a Bad Buddy film

Royce Gracie vs Ken Shamrock

In the words of Big Brown Brendan Schuab “What are we doing?” seriously. This is crazy, I get the wild promotional strategic plan thats built behind it but come one really. The promotions taking 2 big histotical MMA figures that everyone still remembers and staging a 3 bout where they will add there young skilled fighters on the card to bring eyes to those fighters. The promotion has done it before and it worked but the more is more idea has me stunned, why add Dada 5000 and Kimbo to the card? The Kimbo and Dada dynamic is an interesting story and was a great documentary but really neither guy has shown any high level contract earning ability. Seriously watch Kimbos last fight and watch any of Dadas fights, I’m not saying they can’t fight I’m just saying it’s a hard sell. I want more Will Brooks, Bubba Jenkins, Pitbull, Strauss, etc I want talent not gimics or talented gimics like Bobby Lashley and possibly Kurt Angle ,j ust miss me with the stupid WWE promos fam.

-Later Folks and Family

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