Coaches Coach

Firas Zahabi

One of the most ridiculously talented and great minds of modern day martial arts. This man is a Muay Thai Champion, well versed BJJ player, and a game planning wizard. If you want to learn fundementals check out my articles but if you need a visual aid look no further then the videos at He gave long lasting technical brilliance to the likes of GSP, Kenny Florian, and Rory McDonald. Arguably the greatest coach for anyone’s background like the aforementioned names you have the greatest welterweight ever the best fighter to not get a championship belt and the New Era brilliant fighter in Rory. Now anyone can give you technical ability but few can give you detailed nounced thinking like Firas can he’s got a very John Danaher like ability to break down where the technique will fit against which opponent in what scenario with no slope in anything he does, there’s no extra fluff in his directions or gameplaning all the way down to the words he tells his fighter in training and definitely in the corner between rounds. For example take that WAR/ Greatest. Fight. Of. All. TIME bout between Rory and Robbie it was calm and collected in the corner with detailed instruction and made the chaos seem to go away. That’s a very underappreciated thing that the mainstream fan might not see or want to see but for the fighters and the crazed individuals that want to break down everything or those who aspire to fight one day that’s a tool that separates the coach from good to elite.

The title is a Coaches Coach and that can’t be more true, why because in a relative short time a young guy became a world renowned trainer by creating the best. Look at the landscape you have Hume, Wink and Greg, Duke, Ray Lango & Mark Henry, and Firas the age gap between everyone and Firas is staggering. Now the age of someone doesn’t dictate the quality of coach they are buts its a quality that helps explain something. That something is his dedication as a coach, while Bang Ludwig is a great coach that’s obsessed with coaching he has one gear intense. Frias is the counter argument he tailors his style to the students personality he’s the Tony Dungy of MMA coaching. That takes a lot of dedication and detail when it comes to managing personalities and his own emotions, I know and you know that teaching someone can be extremely trying and anger & frustration can take over exploding between student and teacher. He gives a damn about his fighters and wants to make them better as people and fighters he is no nonsense in training and a quality mentor what more could you want. Firas is of the top 3 Coaches in the world today and will be there for years to come.

-Later Folks and Family


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