Hit that Switch like Edson


“If you remember getting whooped with a switch as a little kid this article may be hard to read lol”

The real breakthrough move after the low blow were Barboza’s switch kicks be it the leg kick, body kick, or head kick off the switch. Barboza’s switch comes in those 3 forms I’m breaking down how he generates the speed and the space to be able to throw them. This bout was really what Joe Rogan called it during his commentary “this is really just a Muay Thai fight with small gloves” so if you need some help with your Muay Thai check out the other AOC “Muay Thai” articles.

How Edson started throwing his switch lead leg kick, begins with a change of stance. He hit the switch step by creating a safety space between himself and Paul Felder. What I mean is before his switch (mostly seen during his leg kicks and body kicks) he cuts a small angle usually outside of the lead jabbing hand of the opponent and then leans back during the switch. To generate a gap similar to how a boxer will lean from the torso to force you or goad you into punching the seemingly easy target. Its somewhat a reverse for Edson. He creates a  similar easy target with his body looking off balance, but is a body length away from the opponent and is making you lock onto his lean disguising the kick that is coming in .09 seconds. Its great Muay Thai technique.


How Edson generates that blistering speed and in turn the power to destroy an opponent’s rib cage is a look at torque and body position. Okay we also have to note that Edson’s been throwing these kicks like this since he was 8 years old. The technique is flawless what I saw was pure and it showed, off of the initial switch or before he hit the switch depending on where Edson was throwing the kick he would force his upper torso back or just step back before throwing, then by driving his leg from A to B with little wavering in its course. Pretty simple but what else was he doing? Well he was opening that planted leg by forcing that heel to open up enabling him to turn his hip over getting even more speed and in turn power into each kick with little force from his legs. Okay but what else was he doing that generated so much speed? Umm well he also he did what they do in Thailand and Holland he kicked all the way threw the target he wasn’t looking to just make contact he was doing a Jose Aldo kicking through the target not worrying about what his opponent was doing. That’s pretty much it Edson’s own gifts and physical attributes added on top of a life long development of a basic Muay Thai strike, the result is  what we saw last night.

Muay_Thai_Technique_How_To_Shoot_Your_Leg_Strength_Through_the_Roof_with_Saenchai (1)
Develope those basics and you could look like Joe Rogan or Sanchei. A older Massachusetts TKD champion, Modern Philosopher, and Comedian (which is really one in the same lol) or Sanchei a legendary Ali like figure in Muay Thai. No matter what you do in this striking game if you don’t have a pure base, and an understanding of how the fundamentals work then it’s going to be hard to execute like Edson did.


-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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