Another Case for Holly Holms


Yeah I’m high on Holly let the hate flow if you must, but it is what it is. Holly is the second best female striker over all in MMA and top 10 striking in the UFC overall. I have studied her progression in her fluidity with striking and “creating” distance. She has the one another zen master of MMA as a coach and a wizard of a striking coach in both Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn. That’s not even half of it she knows all she can learn from Greg because that’s the only coach she’s ever had, the real learning comes from the fighters around her. Let’s start with her WMMA counterpart at 115 the Karate Hottie Michelle Waterson, she is just like Holly a wonderful pure striker that got into MMA. Waterson has broken her style down to keep everything that can work and experiment with the other stuff that is said to not be able to work in the cage. Holly can learn from and probably has learned from Michelle that experimentation on a specific thing one at a time can allow Holly to learn how to implement whatever into her new game faster. Now for the big reference point in the gym Jon Jones is in the gym with her all the time now and before the accident. Holly like Jon has not a height advantage persay but a length advantage. By length I mean creating space with the lead leg and closing distance and rapid evasion tactics. Look at Jon Jones typical game plan and then watch a Holly vs Marion Reneau who in my book is a better striker than The Phenom that is Ronda Rousey, just because her instructor is Doug The Rhino Marshall (look him up friends). Watch that fight and you will see a Jon Jones style game plan she lands a lot of lead leg strikes sidekicks to the stomach lead and switch lead body and head kicks. She didn’t punch a lot but when she did she was landing 3 for every one that Marion threw. Then look at her progression up unto that fight, she want landing a lot of the kicks in her last fight but now she is because she was drilling these things and now can implement them and that’s for everything. So let’s assume Jackson’s Camp ramps everything up for Holly and they go for broke and just implement a Jon Jones attack then friends Ronda may be in trouble because Holly threw a Jose Aldo leg kick in her last couple of fights and if you’re in the “Know” you know that Rondas knees are a point of concern for her overall health because of Judo and years of over training and punishment which is the international Judo way. That leg kick and lead side kick is damaging, She doesn’t spin through which is the NEO thing to do because you don’t give your target a chance to reset while you turn your back old skool Muay Thai style. It’s a great game plan for Holly to implement overall.

That sidekicks she throws are just like Jon’s she throws a stomping lead leg side kick like Bruce Lee, she throws a brilliant sidekick to the body that pushes these ladies back creating distance and forcing them to have to re-engage with Holly. Her lead leg is shocking the leg kick she throws is very Aldo like. It’s not as fast because nobody is as fast, it just lands in the right spot right above the knee curving around to the back of the leg. She throws the head kick technically well and if she hides it with the hands she will land high kicks like Donald Cowboy Cerrone. Be it to the body or to the head Holly can finish anyone if she commits to a strike. So this is just another addition for reasons why Holly may be the biggest danger outside of Cyborg (I guess), why because Ronda can’t just bum rush the women like she has before because Holly will leave if she can’t when that exchange but will reengage to the long /midrange and win 9 out of 10 in exchanges from those distances and 7/10 for the pocket. Cant wait for this fight it can’t come soon enough.

-Later Folks and Family  


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