The Loveable Master Rafael Cordeiro: State of the Master Trainers in MMA

Rafael Death Touch Cordeiro

The Cute Boxe’s most legendary teacher Master Rafael Cordeiro needs to be mentioned in the same space as Jackson Winkeljohn, Tritars Firhaas, The founder of elite coaching Matt the Wizard of AMC Pankration, the mad scientist Duane Bang Ludwig, and those old skool boys at AKA headed by Javier Mendes. The reason why is simple he not only trained the goat but the long list of Brazilian champions he taught is astounding, what’s even wilder is that when these guys leave Rafael they do terrible then they come back and prove to be nightmares again. Personally I love him because of how sound he makes his guys Muay Thai but once that’s established he gives them free range. Take Werdum recently 1, 2, 3, leg kick combos and ever my variation with knees or body kicks, who saw Werdum out striking Travis Browne let alone Cain? Then go back and look at those Pride monsters like Wanderlei Silva, Shogun, Ninja, Anderson Silva, and Babalu. Now Shogun held a UFC belt at 205 and I believe won his first fight against Lyoto. Anderson removed from the current issues is the GOAT in his prime before he reaches 37. Now he has a new crop of champions that look spectacular like Anderson and don’t shy away from the hard work like Shogun use too. Werdum beat Fedor first not second but first making him a GOAT slayer like Weidman. RDA out kickboxed a guy considered to he the best pure kicker in MMA in Pettis and lit that man on fire for 5 rounds while injured. So why does Rafael not get the mainstream respect?

In my mind it was a puzzle but then like most puzzles the answer was dead center quite literally, I’m watching all these boxing countdown shows and high profile UFC countdowns let’s say idk  Ronda vs Holly I know who Edmond is and I for sure now Mike Winkeljohn and Greg Jackson. Why because the are attached with crazy high profile media darling fighters. That’s not a knock on Ronda the guy i maintain as the most complete fighter until recently was GSP and that’s a major reason who people know about the drill sergeant and zen master in New Mexico along with champs like Mir, Jones, Rashad etc. It’s a matter of circumstances and may not be an issue unless your talking about the best trainers Rafael is Hume caliber in striking, but his fighters don’t get discriminated against for their short stature or low weight class of 135 and below. Nope his guys are Brazilian terrors who were BJJ killers and high level competition winners. The issue is not one of intelligence I mean Werdum can speak like 3 different languages and Dos Anjos is picking English up at a rapid pace. So what’s the deal really it’s a mix of issues they both beat the poster boys just Weidman did you beat the poster boy in emphatic fashion and that large fan base hates you so the promotion to keep people watching or to build a new base for their new champion have a rematch or schedule a bout between another poster boy of the organization just incase the have rebound again. That trickles down the less mass media coverage a fighter gets the less his trainer gets. The reason I love and model myself after Hume as an instructor is because he does his job really well and DJ knows it and shots him out with credit and praise every time he discusses MMA.
Teaching is hit with this idea that wanting praise is selfish and all your joy should come from the success of your students. Which is why I can understand Duane’s situation with Faber because media is how we get our name out and showcase what we can produce, since this world doesn’t accept joy and admiration as currency it then becomes an issue I digress because that the only thing I’m on Bangs side with. So getting back to the larger issue not having the discussion about coaches in the forefront or at least close to it like it use to be in the early 2000s hinders the advancement of the sport.

The argument against acknowledging coaches is that once they get success they change and become super Hollywood all of a sudden, my rebuttal is dont fighters do the same thing? The question I propose is if a fighter does that he’s still revered as a great fighter, why? Is the trainer not capable even if they change? Now I’m not condoning becoming fake when success comes I’m saying just because a few do, does that make it a rule that it will happen with all trainers. It’s a funny outlook and most trainers won’t say anything about this topic as a whole but because Rafael and Hume are where I pull my coaching cues from I believe people should now who are creating the monsters just like believe people should that Ronda’s mom trained a her into a killer and without Phd Annamarie as a coach we don’t have a Ronda Rousey.

-Later folks and family Happy Halloween Ohio University OU OH YEAH


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