AOC Striking: Clinch Work

Shoulder Striking


Got to Love the Shoulder lol

“Relaxed and then Striking soft music to sudden tempo change”

A new “kind of” adaptation to MMA because of the mixture of wrestling clinch games and Muay Thai clinch games, a move made famous by Josh Barnett. Because the inside hand fighting technical skills many greco roman wrestlers and mma fighter that really practice wrestling have the shoulder strike is there because many of  these fighters feel safe in the clinch when there pressuring someone against the cage. Take Jon Jones vs Glover in that fight he pressed Glover against the cage and while mixing in his classic elbows from the clinch and hand fighting positions he would drive his shoulder into Glover chin over and over again. Its roots are based in relaxation and control from the thrower, because the clinch is so pressure and smother driven relaxing before throwing is key.

So why is that effective and not seen as just winging away while inefficiently attacking. Simple, because the distance that your target is away from you is so micro small in the clinch that evading on space is not possible, and because the speed that the strike is coming is all from the leg drive up so its incredibly fast and that kind of speed with no tell that the opponent can see makes the strike near impossible to defend against without defending against the clinch in the first place. Jon uses a lot of his natural abilities in the way he originally developed this tool and because of the leverage he has and width and size of his shoulder could twist and drive his shoulder into Glover over and over and the subtle change in the angle would allow him to keep landing it. Now the other end of the spectrum is DJ in his second bout with Dodson where he lands it in the 4th round and uses it to force Dodson to let go of the under hook or risk a shoulder in his mouth. It’s a very versatile movement that can cause damage and force separation if need be.

So how do you throw it?

  1. Well like any clinch work movement you have to establish control in the clinch and tie up the hands.
  2. Then Relax pretend there’s some Bosa playing int he background and the waves are crashing on Pepe Beach in Rio.
  3. Drive your head to the outside so your shoulder lines up with the target.
  4. Now like your ducking or suddenly dropping to get a double off the cage drive your legs down like a squat and drive up straight like a perfect Olympic weightlifting clean motion.
  5. Similar to a head butt but more technical because we are only looking to land the shoulder.

-Have a blast with this one and piss off your sparring partner’s Family and Folks


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