AOC Striking: Muay Thai


  Muay_Thai_Clinch_Beatdown_And_Knockouts_Tribute anderson_silva_muay_thai_clinch_for_mma_dvdrip

Clinch (continued)

Breaking to a Knee:

When your opponent gets their arms around your neck and head canceling out the effectiveness of your clinch.

  1. To Counter this break one of your hand or collar ties and snake it to the outside of the opposing arm.
  2. Then replace in what ever grip securing the clinch again shrugging off that outside arm of your opponent to your opposite shoulder.
  3. Opening up the body to knees with that inside or rear leg knee.
  4. Shot an arm through their arms the opposite side of the head.
  5. Applying pressure with the elbow and biceps regain a proper clinch really explode with that downward force to shoot there head down
  6. Getting the head down to launch a straight knees to the head and body.
  7. Really pulling down after shooting explosively with the down force is important to break your opponent’s stance or base.

Stomp Kick:

A nice Thai style move to the stomp kick (not a foot stomp more like a sidekick and front kick mixed together).

  1. While engaged in the clinch set it up like a stepping knee while stopping back pull down on the head pulling them off base.
  2. Stopping your backward motion.
  3. Lifting that rear leg and landing a more of stomping style side kick on the hip or above the knee.
  4. Then throwing that same knee to the body or head.

Knees in a Clinch Counter:

Keys to knees in the clinch stay parallel when your opponents shoots for the neck.

  1. When pulling down and stepping back to land a stomp or knee.
  2. Break the base, whatever you do stay as straight or unbroken as possible
  3. Here you don’t want any bend because you’ll lose the power in the clinch and any attack getting thrown.

-Stay Chill Family and Folk


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