AOC Striking: Muay Thai



Clinch Game


To sweep you need to catch a kick, to catch  you should go lead hand under the kicking leg rear hand over the the kicking leg so you can control and hold on to the leg. Think of a over under in grappling that’s basically what your doing grappling then cheating.

  1. Lift the leg up to break the balance
  2. Pull the leg towards you to move them to you
  3. Close the distance swiftly
  4. Push leg up during while kicking the planted leg out from under the opponent
  5. Watch them fall

Clinching or the Plum is FUN TO MENTAL:

  1. Wrapping hands around head and neck to secure plum.
  2. With hand over hand over palm hand over forearm.
  3. Placement of the forearms in front of shoulder.
  4. Driving the elbows towards each other in a pinching motion.

Hand over Hand grip :

  1. Wrap one hand around the head.
  2. Then place the other hand on top of that hand pulling the opponent’s head into your chest.

Variation of hand over hand is the hand over over fist or palm:

  1. Start with a hand over hand clinch
  2. Have the bottom hand and match that thumb with the pinkie
  3. Then wrap the palm hand around the fist hand

Cross arm:

  1. Put one arm around the neck or the forearm mostly so one arm comes out over the opposing shoulder.
  2. Then do a hand over hand grip driving the unwrapped arms forearm into the shoulder.
  3. Pulling down with both arms into your chest hand over the forearm.

Clinched Knees:

  1. Start of in the Clinch begin throwing a knee how you normally would.
  2. While Throwing curl the heel toward your hip to help drive the point of the knee in.
  3. Pulling the head down ,target or make the target of the head closer.
  4. Making predicting where the strike is going very difficult.

Preserving the Clinch:

Let’s say your opponent snakes an arm out and wraps your neck.

  1. You keep this from going from bad to worse is to relax
  2. Immediately find there elbow cup it and throw it up over head keeping your hand cupped on that elbow
  3. Within that instant attack the exposed side with straight knees and side knees weakening the opponent  before reestablishing a clinch or breaking after the knees.

Over hooking to knee:

Holding the clinch say your opponent’s arms get onto your shoulder what do we do well over hooks aren’t just for the ground.

  1. Releasing one arm from the clinch.
  2. Apply the pressure on the forearm to the elbow keeping control
  3. With the leg corresponding with the over hook launch a knee.
  4. Make sure to cup the elbow and pull when attacking with the knee.

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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