Bas and the Dutch Way

Bas El Guapo Rutten

 wpid-wp-1446062405696.gif Black_Superman_Tyrone_Spong_King_Of_The_Ring

“Bas and the late Great Roman Dekkers Full Clip style gave birth to the Man above Tyrone Sponge.”

Let’s take it old Skool the new dutch way was started or at least made mainstream by the man Bas Rutten. Now the Bas Rutten workout tapes are the mecca for anyone wanting to increase the cardio to a unlimited reserve for striking. So let’s go to the well, go full clip on the bag running combinations which will be provided below. Once you gas or  stop wait 30 seconds and do it again the full clip should be no shorter than 30 secs and no more than 2 minutes. When you train your cardio with the movements you are working your cardio for. So cardio equals a better ability to strike for a longer period that’s the standard equation why boxers run long distances. The dutch way is to do a Dekker or old Mike’s Gym style of cardio training. There equation is train the movement s at a high intensity to build the cardio in the movement and add the reps in a fatigued state correctly. If you are just running hard and hitting the heavy bag not as hard your not putting your body in a time under tension scenario but for striking.       

The combinations are the go to’s, the things that will work no matter work. These are the basics like Rickson Gracies ground game or Kron and Marcelo Garcia’s game, the basics ground down to the most sharp and constant ways of doing something. That being said start grinding, combs below.


1, 2, Leg Kick (3 Times “Classic Dutchie”

1, 2, 3, 2  (3 Times

2, Leg Kick, Rear Leg Body Kick (3 Times

1, 2, 4 Body, 3 Head, Leg Kick (3 Times

1, 2, 1, 6, Head Kick, 5 (4 Times

1, 2, Leg Kick, 1, 2, Stepping Knee (4 Times

-Later Folks and Family “Liver Kick”


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