GIF from alexespitia on the Tumblr

Lets do my favorite workout or should I say my dads old skool workout he had me do to get ready for everything Boxing, TKD, Judo, Wrestling, etc. It works and builds character other wise known as breaking people. So What is this thing well its pretty simple.

Do as follows 4 mile run starting at 70%, then 80% to 90% finishing with 100%

400-600 yard TIRE FLIPS (Diesel or Whatever you can flip)

2 Mile Run at 60% to 75%

15 Min Jump Rope

EMOM 40 Double Unders

Swim Either OR

Sprint .83 Miles no more then a double during each sprint


Endurance Swim 10 Laps at a Time for .90 Miles

Between each 10 laps do 50 Strict Press Dumbbells with 20% of Max

Jump Squats 5×30

-So yeah enjoy all that folks and family


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