I don’t believe in hype I do however believe in facts, history, and tendencies. So to the folks calling Holms Rousey a miss match or saying Holms isn’t skilled, how about you miss me with your uneducated opinion. Okay so it feels like Robin Black and I are the only people, or a part of a small minority saying how Holms has been preparing herself for Ronda from her MMA start. WHAT DO YOU MEAN, is the question I get after saying that. Let’s delve right into it then, Holly is an elite striker what Joanna is with Muay Thai Holly is to boxing. Now people think kickboxing is recent thing for her, you couldn’t be more wrong about that she has been training  under Wink since she started boxing and kickboxing was a regular part of her training. If you think she isn’t good at KB then your saying Condit, GSP, Jon Jones The World Beater etc aren’t good by extension lol. Now take into account Holly’s fights previous the game plan has been establishing the Jon Jones striking plan. Wait then Create Space Escape Punish over and over and over. Wait for them to engage or make a mistake, then Create space with your length, Escape the attack off a angle or distance change, and finally punish them like a vengeful ghost. That’s been the game for Holly no matter who it is a striker, a grappler, pressure fighters, counter strikers, whatever. Now look at how Ronda has fought wait to engage in a clinch or create the clinch with striking from the pocket or close to mid-range rarely is a kick thrown by her or against her. Now look at Holly, she will avoid the clinch because  she knows how. You have to in boxing if you are a mid range pocket fighter while in MMA you avoid it to continue striking. The fear of the take down is real against Ronda, simply because you will be on bottom and none of these women are ADCC championship level. However the fear of Rondas striking isn’t there unless you’re a casual combat viewer then she’s Mike freaking Tyson in your eyes laughable.

Since Holly isn’t the grappler Ronda is the best shot Ronda has is her regular game plan, of engage in the pocket look for the over hook and bicep control match hips uchi and submit quickly. It will be a difficult task against a woman who isn’t afraid of her striking and will look to engage from the mid-range. Holly’s not afraid just like Chris Weidman isn’t afraid of the GOAT or anyone else for that matter cough cough (Jon Jones in Madison Square Garden). Holly in my view is light years ahead of Ronda when it comes to all around striking and a lifetime ahead in boxing skill. Now before the Ronda followers attack the same can be said against Holly Rondas grappling will drown Holly on the mat, if Ronda stays on top when it hits the mat Jackson is a BJJ wizard and is drilling Hollys defense from all angles. The fight starts standing however, and as much as Edmond would love to think he’s the best striking coach and has a striking savant in his gym he’s dead wrong. I already broke it down how in her exchange with Bethe, it was like female Leonard Garcia. As Cowboys puts it rocks on a string, punches coming from the floor with zero crispness or a rhyme or reason. Then at the end a crisp jab cross to put Bethe down, I don’t see Holly winging her hands it’s not in her DNA and she’s been slipping and rolling punches longer and at higher level than Rondas ever seen. Just like how Rondas been rolling at a higher level then Holly has been accustomed to. Now if history has shown us anything it’s that in every striking combat sport Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA when someone gets frustrated they start getting wild with their technique. Frustration comes from getting tagged  missing and getting countered, from not being able to initiate the pace and exchanges. A suave striker does this without thinking look at the evidence pound 4 pound list in striking aren’t filled with a punch of wild pressure fighters nope they’re all technical wizards. So with Holly closer to that mark and showing in all her fights to implement the best game plan with her skill set how is she being slept on. I blame promotion, or thank promotion because when people believe the hype then see reality in the fight, either a Thriller in Manila happens or a TJ Dillashaw moment occurs. I’m ready to put all my eggs in the Holms basket but by no means do I think Holly is safe.

This is where the coaching comes into play, we’ve seen crisp striking from Ronda, coaches will tell you she’s thinking when she throws crisp. Right before she engages she’s thinking but when she is reacting it’s all wild by comparison. Now when someone is jabbing you over and over again that forces a reset mentally and you’re not thinking. Hence why programming only crisp technical application is so important. Ronda has that in the pocket and on the mat no doubt about it. Holly just has that everywhere where the fight starts. With experience forcing people out of the game plan, so they start winging wild has been her ethos in MMA it’s the best way to land on Ronda. All though my thinking is that Greg and Wink have a repeating dream of leg kicks Jose Aldo vs Faber style on Ronda, because Rondas lateral movement hasn’t been tested. Plus the fact is leg kicks are the truth and Ronda hasn’t faced a leg kicker or a crisp puncher. Anyways … Something about coaching oh yeah Holly wins the game plan coaching, calm thoughts out of the corner second to Matt Hume are Jacksons and Wink bar non end of discussion. They were all 3 in the sport before it was cool and provide long lasting innovation at every turn, and invented a couple of coaching cues along the way. Now Edmond may be a high caliber coach who knows honestly, but Ronda’s mom makes a valid point would she have been a champion without him? YES EMPHATIC YES! Now would she be better had she gone to say idk The Yard, Ray Longo with Mark Henry, or The Blackzilians with Henri Hooft, or to a Matt Hume, Tristar, or Trevor Whitman. All these spots have in common is an absurd knowledge of high caliber and the highest caliber striking which she needs to become an all around threat. Joe Rogan put it the best if you have a super athletes like say Brock Lesnar with an incredible grappling ability and record you send them to the Dutch or Thailand before you think about putting them in with sharks. Now having said that, that’s what makes Ronda even scarier she’s done this with a okay level of striking. Just imagine a Ronda Rousey with Bang Muay skill, Mighty Mouse flow and technical brilliance. Scary right felt a cold rush down my back.

Meanwhile TJ’s bounced from his camp to train his striking with Duane in large part. Mighty Mouse is the video game fighter if Hume ask him to build a bridge to the moon he would say how fast that’s the trust DJ has for Matt and Brad. Dominick is widely considered the most innovative striker in MMA since Bas and everyone’s shaking for his fight with TJ. Striking is as important as submission grappling, and with the track record coming out of that gym other than Ronda every other high profile fighter is getting beat striking after switching to Edmund as there striking coach. Travis Browne KO’d Ellenberger steamrolled by Lawler and Wonderboy. Coincidence they left previous gyms and had much worse showings after leaving I say there are no coincidences in combat it’s all in the preparation. Back to the discussion at hand Holly’s with the number coaching duo in the sport (Dodson lost to Mouse so Hume and Brad are numero Uno #1) now this only matters if Ronda starts getting beat and Edmond gives her BJ circa UFC 90’s era advise (i.e do it Hilo style) which might give Rogan a stroke so because he hates that stuff lol. But Holly has to get there to even see if that’s something she could exploit seeing how Edmond hasn’t done that with Ronda. History shows that he had nothing for Jake before Lawler the Hellraiser beat him senseless. Thats my take on that, uneven ground seems stable when earthquakes don’t  hit but when they do lord have mercy, Holly will win.

Wrapping this up in a nice bow sleeping on Holly is the worst thing you or Ronda could do she’s been preparing for this since she started fighting in Legacy fights. She’s the better striker while Rondas the better grappler. Fight starts standing since Rondas no world class striker or so we have seen Holly needs to maintain that theory and follow her fighting ethos. Exploiting the weakness is both women’s main objective Ronda needs to get to that clinch and transition to her over under as soon as possible like always and Holly needs to maintain the mid and long range with her better footwork and crisper strikes. Sounds alot like a TJ game plan against the then p4p juggernaut Renan Barao go figure. Difference being TJs a World’s level grappler with crazy offense and defense on the mat while Holly isn’t even though Greg probably has her at a purple belt level. This wasn’t a killing of the Queen I’m not Jack Slack. I’m just presenting facts before the non training or low level mainstream decided Miss Rousey is really Captain Marvel, with no technical misgivings in her abilities that could be exploited by the right opponent. Personally I see a Weidman killing the GOAT or a TJ shocking the world moment in this fight, not so much a closer Mendes Aldo 2 where controversy will erupt from the hardcore and mainstream depending on the result of the fight. Who knows though had to do this regardless love both women and the UFC for finally letting the ladies headline a major card. Speaking of which my favorite womens fighter defends her title again, that breakdown will be pretty easy Holy take-down defense and ruthless technical Muay Thai enter Joanna Jedrzejczyk. Ahh Sookie Sookie Na lets go Holly.

-Later Folks and Family


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