AOC: “Lovely Angle Play”

Phuket_Dreaming_Season_One_Lessons_With_Doctore_Phuket_Dreaming_Deleted_Scene_on_location_at_Phuket_Top_Team (2)

(Gif thanks to Phuket Top Team on

“Use the angle theory to not use the theory, no the rules to break the rules” 

One of my favorite fighters is an will forever be Moise Rimbon of France training out of Phuket Top Team in Thailand. He has a knack for landing strikes that many thought were not practical from in close because of the counter that would land before your own strike. He throws a head kick that lands smooth and clean before his opponent has time to react and throw the counter. So how do you use the angles when you’re in the pocket to launch a head kick.

Phuket_Dreaming_Season_One_Lessons_With_Doctore_Phuket_Dreaming_Deleted_Scene_on_location_at_Phuket_Top_Team (4)

How to live in the angles.

  1. Find the distance for the roundhouse be it lead leg or rear leg.
  2. Step off horizontally and find the distance there with either a jab or a kick to check your distance.
  3. Remember to pivot during your distance check when you step off to the side, because your setting a trap so don’t give any tells of a set up coming.
  4. Now step off again and don’t change your angle just move horizontally and on the step launch the kick.
  5. Turn your hip over just like any other roundhouse.
  6. You can do this with “Neo footwork” or with a traditional footwork or anything in between.

(What Moise shows in the GIF is first the kick form standing on the center line, then he shows it when he steps and kicks moving off horizontally.)

After you land or get them thinking about that head kick you can use it mask a rear straight off the kick. Assuming you’re throwing a rear leg head kick

  1. Step off while launching head.
  2. Instead of bringing that rear leg back to the rear place it in front changing your foot stance to southpaw or orthodox.
  3. With your body coiled like a spring jolt forward immediately and land with the cross.

Phuket_Dreaming_Season_One_Lessons_With_Doctore_Phuket_Dreaming_Deleted_Scene_on_location_at_Phuket_Top_Team (1)
Confusing your opponent by stepping horizontal and launching on the step provides a aspect of hesitation for your opponent, they don’t know whether to defend or to attack because a strike could be coming. Be it a hook to the body or a head kick attacking like this has shown to be powerful Rick Hatton in boxing Moise in MMA its all the same creating doubt in someone’s thinking. Why because of an old saying if you’re thinking about it you’re getting hit. So practice this step and angle play until mastery and then some so that it becomes thoughtless, “NO MIND”

-Stay Chill Family and Folks


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