Nothing Like a Smart Gangsta

Think, Stay Woke, Stay Concious are all more then just a #Hashtag


Thinking of preservation first shows real intellectual superiority. When one thinks not only in the moment but can switch on and off to see the in-between shows a real mind for the art. Conors smart as a whip to take the basic BJJ knowledge that many see as a throw away and use it at the highest level of martial arts like the turn out that DJ and Aldo us when guys catch their legs, Conor is taking a basic and making it a laser by comparison. What does this mean, it means think logically us everything. Intelligence created a better way so use the tool that house intelligence your mind. Think smarter not harder outside of training when you’re thinking of things to do to better your martial art abilities. Nobody was post scooting to create distance like in bjj but I beat money that the copy cat league of MMA will start adopting this in droves don’t be surprised to see everyone  trying this when they slip or get knocked down. Moral of the story like in Martial Arts start thinking you’ll be better for it, living in the moment is balanced by thinking.

-Later Folks and Family


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