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To continue on the unofficial series of my love for the lead leg kicks I thought it wise to touch on the importance that dexterity when it comes to the lead not just for MMA or Real Combat purposes but also for the PKA folks out there. The reality is that without dexterity combination kicking becomes pretty stale there only some many times you can throw a roundhouse kick and just change the level you’re throwing it at, savy. TKD and Savate are kind of built on this foundation finding balance between volume, power, speed, and combinations. Think about how odd it would be to have to defend a axe kick then a rear leg roundhouse then a turning side kick and then a stepping knee. That’s multiple distances every angle a kick can come from and so on and so forth. In my mind that’s pressure and the power and volume speaks for itself in that combination or string of continuous strikes is unbelievable. So that being said there’s an issue people bring up but it feeds my ethos, the issue of cardio and the lack there of the perform the movements over and over again. I get it everyone’s not Mighty Mouse or Frankie Edgar or Sage, but I can guarantee part of the reason you’re cardio isn’t good enough to do it over and over again isn’t some genetic disadvantage.

For people who train or have a balance with fitness and Martial Arts it may just be the programming it needs to be cardio centered balanced with explosive loaded movements like ….. squatting seeing how the legs are pretty important to movement and kicking. In all honesty to make it plain which I needed lol its basically cross country runner programming with swimmer weight lifting or just go swim a mile everyday after training. Now for the other reason the cardio is a issue… because of “LAZINESS” yeah I said it are you running are you jumping rope for 5 sets of 4 minutes at least are you rowing a like a Viking are you sweating so much you could quench thirst in the desert? No okay then you not even doing the minimum in my opinion. That would be running at least 4 miles a day jumping rope for 15 minutes straight or for 4 sets of 4. You can run, swim, row, sprint climb, whatever for cardio and pushing so cardio isn’t ever an issue allows you to reach the nirvana of Martial Arts look at the 155, 135, and 125 division champs men and women all of them have a limitless gas tank. Aldo at 145 used to but more recently he has let it taper, and he’s been suffering because of it i.e Chad dotting him up in their second fight. The flip side of it is if you accept that it’s going to take work but once you get there it’s easy to maintain, the limits become the things you place on yourself. So all in all the idea is everyone should be shooting to be as limitless cardio wise as the 125 and 135s because that’s where all the technical growth and skill is happening per capita in every avenue of martial arts.

No back to the dexterity thing this should be a big part of your bag work and pad work drilling awkward combinations of kicking where you throw one touch the ground but don’t reset and throw another strike. Now my favorite ones to drill are the side kick to round house all off the lead leg and axe to side kick. Side kicks are notoriously hard to mix it up with everyone knows about a turning side kick and then blitz but rarely does anything else come from it. So learning to throw a side kick roundhouse combination will make that more dangerous. I’ll break that down below don’t worry. The issue of dexterity is a funny one first it’s rooted in balance but then overlaps with spacial awareness and has everything to do with manipulation of your body. One way to help dexterity is yoga or just yoga poses you don’t have to do the class if your not down. If you’re not one for yoga the other is Gymnastics GSP style son lol, in all seriousness there’s a reason Crossfit takes a big bite out of Gymnastics because athletically it is the biggest building block you can add to your foundation it’s all based in controlling movement. If you can do a splitted handstand doing a advanced Savate like combination won’t be all that difficult. Now that’s an extreme example but you get my point.

Now for the reason you’re here or keep coming back for which I’m grateful to you all the how to.


So lead leg side kick to roundhouse, my oldie but goodie is something I started doing after my dad so me doing as a creative kid just testing things out which is a post all in itself. The thing he noticed was how good my sidekick was a how much speed power snap basically all the good things about my rounds house where lacking when I tried throwing it after my sidekick. What he saw as he urged me to throw it again was that my instant reaction was to get tall after throwing the SK. Why that’s important is because I couldn’t lean or get any extension or explosion off my lead leg with such a wide base. Now my balance wasn’t off linearly horizontally but it was off drastically linearly. The thing you hear in all sports from toddler soccer to pro basketball is the idea of an athletic stance being your base for everything. The ideal stance is across the board is shoulder width apart butt and hips down arms up. Now for fighting thats modified obviously but the principles stay the same balances is focused on the center. Back to my issue we figured out together that it wasn’t ideal to shorten  the width of my stance after the sidekick because by doing so your not getting the full “extensh” on the kick or you’re not returning on the rounds house fast enough because of the reset of the feet you have to do. So what  took us about an hour and a bunch of angry pleas from my mother for us to eat dinner was that my issue was fixed when I got shorter. What you’ll find out if you’re throwing your kicks properly is that the sidekick makes you wide after throwing, for some reason getting low for that lead leg allows you to maintain the good points of your rounds house. Why, I don’t know I’m not smart enough nor do I really want to delve into why this works. It’s probably something to do with your leverage point by being shorter or from ducking down and then from the balance you ge mid kick from leaning and extending back to elongate the body on the roundhouse, that’s just my working theory.

So the one two three is

  1. Sidekick of the lead –
  2. Keep the wide base you get after kicking properly
  3. Once you leg touches the ground you should be getting lower from your torso up         
  4. Epiphany moment while typing ( The reason it works is because it’s a very dutch style rear high kick but off the lead leg like a Over the top roundhouse because of your crouched like position).
  5. Now out of the crotch is your standard roundhouse or over the top roundhouse Dillashaw & Pettis style.-

-Later Folks and Family


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