AOC “Kickboxing”

“Go ahead and have some Saki with that, its happy hour somewhere”

The Art of Combat Kinetic Linking

You can Absorb the effective and discard the limited, like the icons of fighting innovators before us.

What we Absorb?


Yes, because I love kickboxing and love the blending and the resulting gumbo that kickboxing has created. I have not so much a technical breakdown but a useful combination to have in your vault, its in mine and countless other K-1, Muay Thai and Glory fans. Gokhan Saki is one of the greatest modern era kick-boxers to compete he makes dudes look silly and has hammers in every limb used to strike. Something he does very well is a old Bas Rutten sticking point something El Gupo preaches to fighters something them to start doing. The multiply punch combination changing the elevation of the strikes and finishing or beginning them with a kick. Something about that Euro or Dutch style of Muay Thai was just right and not much can touch it it to this day. Bas’s breakdown is do a basic Mike Tyson combination he punches with purpose, forcing the opponent to guard the targeted area then he immediately rebounds like a coiled spring from where ever he is and then lands a blow where the guard isn’t at. Usually he then finishes to the new open target and lands a kick for good exiting measure and to possibly land a finishing strike; so say body, head, body outside leg kick. It incredibly fast and leaves little room for a counter from the opponent.

Saki did this and was one of the best at doing it so absorb what he’s doing because it works in a pinch for sure, the first one is a simple combination a swift 1,3, leg kick combination. It’s in how he throws it his leading 1 looks like a hook and he’s exploding through his legs forcing his opponent to have his guard ready to protect his head from a thunderous hook. Little does he know that that’s really a Trojan horse and that the really devastating shot is the body hook coming off that lead hand. Keeping everything basic in this combination is key to its success rate if you slow down the movement by throwing a body hook from the rear hand your opponent will see it and block or move but since the lead hook is being shielded from here sight by your body they can’t see it coming. While there focused on the shock of taking a body hook the legs are open so throwing a leg kick on the exit or just to get them occupied on there leg so something up top frees up is key too. Why because they can’t see the kick because it’s coming at to low of an angle and probably too fast to block right after a body hook. So yeah its a take on your typical “DUTCHIE” ( 1,2 Leg Kick or 3,2 Leg Kick) combination but staying with your lead hand and finishing with the rear leg kick.


Next is one of my favorite because I am Saenchai mimic and love throwing head kicks off of body kicks, something Saki does that I see my favorite Thai boxer do is literally the same thing I just talked about. Making them cover up because of the punch with a purpose coming and immediately adjusting to throw a body shot but instead of the leg kick he lands the head kick. This significant and different than the other combination not just because of him landing with a head kick but its something deeper. In the mind of most fighters when they’re getting hit or reacting to a shot they tend to cover the area that’s being hurt which is common Knowledge but what’s also a weird thing that happens is that many time a fighter will tend to ignore the possibility of a head kick to come off that kind of angle. Because of the position that the body is in when landing a body hook typically your lead leg head kick won’t do so well compared to the rear, I mean a lot of schools of thought say to never though a rear head kick unless you disguise it behind punches to begin with. But the thing that Saki and many other greats realized is that if I can leg kick you then I can for sure head kick your from this angle. The typical head kick lands either on the left or right bladed side of an opponent but this head kick that ends the combination is landing from the front because you shifting your body off the body hook so that the opponent is like a bag in the gym with nowhere to go be your body cuts of the near exit and the kick is horizontally long and they can’t escape it. This is truly a lesson on basically preserving the angle and using it and your body with the fundamentals in a not so complex way but making it look complex to youropponet who want know where the shot is coming from to honest.

Gokhan_Saki_Glory_11_Preview (1)

Now to embrace the Taekwondo side of thing something I love to see is a well developed lead leg kick to the body or head, you see Anthony Pettis do it a lot in the UFC and WonderBoy Thompson but Saki has a devastating combination where it’s not just the set up but a integral power strike in the combination. The combination goes as followed lead high kick, into a 3 lead hook to the head usually but it’s plausible to go to the body and then uppercut. Its a beautiful thing to see he kicks with purpose and then when the his opponent is covering because they see a 2×4 coming at breakneck pace he unloads a leveling hook to the head. Against Artem Levin this was a combination he used to get himself off the back foot. A reason it works is because the art of the lead leg has been washed away because of the exposure of many styles of Karate and TKD as being ineffective when compared to Muay Thai, but what people fail to understand is that the lead leg may not be as powerful but it’s a hell of a lot faster and when you don’t see a KICK of all things coming for your chin it can do some real damage and that’s why people have to take a step back after blocking the kick and then receive a hook for their trouble.

Gokhan_Saki_Glory_11_Preview (3)

Now to top off the list is a typical or untypical bait and switch combination. How it goes is like this lazy looking or telegraphed rear leg kick from the mid range or pocket opponent checks it without realizing that they just stepped into a counter lead hook. Lazy looking but not really lazy rear leg kick is the bait and the switch is because of where you stance is not shifted; and not having to worry about the opponent getting out of the range of the hook you can throw a picture perfect lead hand hook right on the button. Think of that Nonito Donaire left hook that was many call the best hook in the modern era of boxing. Usually ending the night, simple and plan really but so so so very effective.

Gokhan_Saki_Glory_11_Preview (2)

 Nonito_Donaire_killer_punch_to_Montiel_caught_on_hi_speed_camera (1)  Nonito_Donaire_killer_punch_to_Montiel_caught_on_hi_speed_camera  Nonito_Donaire_killer_punch_to_Montiel_caught_on_hi_speed_camera (2)

(Here’s Nonito starching Montiel with a beautiful picture perfect left hook for everyone to see)

So everyone enjoy your Saki run these combinations make them yours and don’t ever discount the skill and blending of any style because like gumbo and chocolate milk shakes and french fries the weirdest combination usually are some of the best ones.

-Posse out lets hit the coast line Motto Surf Style


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